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By day I’m a location independent digital communications consultant.  My passion is helping brands dominate in the digital world and expand into new foreign markets, so for 19 years I’ve specialised in B2C and B2B digital communications, marketing, social media and PR. I’m a native Californian, multilingual, and since 1996 I’ve resided and worked in the U.S., Mexico, Spain for 12 years, India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and I travelled solo for 3 months in Bali.

Each Month I Generate

  • 148.5k+ reach on Facebook
  • 127,475+ VIDEO views on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with over 936,310 total views (Nov 2017)
  • 66,716 page views on my BLOGS, with 1,097,649 total views (Nov 2017)

Chosen for Expatriate Lifestyle Magazine cover (Feb 2017 issue) as a top expat blogger in Malaysia.

When it Comes to Writing and Social Media I Can’t Get Enough

  • My YouTube channel Wander with Angela shares vlogs and reviews from all around Asia.
  • I started this — my very 1st blog ‘Angela’s Bangalore’ — from my hotel room while struck with jetlag the 1st day I moved to India.  I’m proud that it’s the Google Ranked #1 ‘Bangalore blog’ and Conde Nast Traveller magazine recommended it as Secret #58 on their ‘100 Secrets of India’ list.
  • I’m a passionate food blogger and love taking photos of food more than anything else.
  • Consumed by wanderlust, I’ve travelled around 32 countries on 4 continents so far.
  • I’m a contributor at magazines like MAXIM and Esquire and a ‘travel insider’ for Condé Nast Traveller Magazine
  • My Newest Travel Blog Wander with Angela shares the best on offer in Asia.
  • My personal blog Expat Angela shares tales about life as an expat, what it was like to live in India, China, Hong Kong, and now Malaysia.
  • I was responsible for Guns N’ Roses India Tour social media, traveling with the band and creating ‘social’ content in a way that was new to India to successfully generate buzz with millions of fans. Check out the memories and photos!

XOXO – Angela

If you want to reach out, shoot me a message on Facebook or email at:
helloexpatangela {at} gmail {dot} com

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