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I’m a solo traveller by passion, a behavioural trainer by profession, and recently a travel blogger!  I’ve lived and worked in the UK, UAE and Australia. My Philosophy is, ‘If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.’

I have done scuba diving, shark diving, rode an ostrich, eaten an ostrich and many more peculiar foods specific to their countries, walked with the lions and touched one on his head, fed ostriches and giraffes with my own hands, and swam with turtles in Sri Lanka.

When it comes to travel writing:

  • I started my travel blog by the name Travelling Boots. It is not just a list of to-dos and must-sees, but also my stories of human interactions, my after thoughts and most importantly what travel teaches me
  • Being a Bachelor of Hotel Management and a foodie, I love trying everything a city has to offer in its local cuisine. From the spicy clams of Cambodia, to Ostrich in South Africa, to the amazing Vitello Tonato in Florence
  • I have been featured in many news articles as a pioneer of Indian Woman Solo Traveller
  • I have travelled to 29 countries and can’t wait to explore the whole world
  • I wish to encourage more Indians to travel solo and make India a safer place for all to travel