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Finding Love in India, Thanks to My Blog …. at a Gallery Opening in Bangalore

angela-Finding-Love-dating-Bangalore-Blog-white-women-indian-man-hpHonestly, I never set out to create a blog that is now ranked the #1 ‘Bangalore Blog’ (I’m so humbled and proud to actually say that though!) but as of last month that is exactly what my little baby is.  Really, type it in, it’s #1 now and I’m thankful for all of the support I’ve received over the past – almost – two years.  I started my little blog the very first day I moved to India in April 2011 to avoid having to send oodles of emails to family and friends or post massive notes on Facebook.  There was no ambition behind it, I just figured that I would have a nice souvenir of my time in India really.  Who’da guessed that it would change my life?  But it has.

The negative income realities and stress that overshadowed my life from the autumn of 2011 until recently are gone.  Things haven’t fixed themselves 100% but I am officially OUT OF THE TUNNEL and into the light.  Ahhhhhh…. I literally just breathed a sigh of relief as I typed that because it has been so long coming that I rather want to shout it from the rooftops!  I’m happy again, sleeping through the night and actually falling asleep without needing a couple drinks or taking something to make me drowsy…and I’m done feeling sorry for myself.

And although I do realise that fate and destiny and ambition play a role in the improvements in my life, a large part of the credit oddly goes to my blog. 

The fact is that it really has touched most every aspect of my life – from wonderful friends I’ve made to a new career path that is being set in motion and more.  It was indirectly responsible for me having the very cool job of touring with Guns N’ Roses last December and handling all the social media for their India tour (here’s about 60 pics from that gig).  My blog helps me by opening my eyes to things I would have never explored or experienced in India.  It gives me an outlet to express my feelings about living here and a platform to try and shine a new light on things like how IPL cheerleaders are portrayed or why a victim of rape has an 11% chance of living a normal life in India.

My blog kept me social during a time when I didn’t have two Rupees to rub together and thank goodness for that!  I am considered a journalist to brands and businesses and am thankful to receive invitations to events and parties, which in the past had surely kept me from becoming more sullen and lonely than I already was at times.

AND, at the end of the day, my sweet little blog is also responsible for me falling in love for the first time in almost eight years, too!  It was a Saturday afternoon like any other that changed my life.  I was snapping pics to help promote the ProjectArt+ gallery opening at Mövenpick.  He was there (tall, dark, handsome and simply perfect).  And the rest is history.  Still not sure what will become of these feelings but I am happier than I’ve been in years and just the feeling of being in love … well, it is amazing and I’m blessed.

But that memorable Saturday took place back in January when I was still very deep inside of a dark ‘tunnel’ and didn’t feel worthy or accepting of it or that I deserved to be in love.  I guess this happens when the rest of someone’s life is in a bit of shambles like mine was.  But all that has changed and now I’m happy and empowered and ready so I can’t wait to see what happens.  In fact, thinking about it now, I realise that my entire life sort of whipped into shape all at the same time.  I wonder if love acted as a sort of trigger that set off a chain reaction in my life?  Hmmm….. It’s a pretty exciting thought!

You’ve inadvertently helped me out of the ‘tunnel’ and helped bring love and happiness back to my life again by helping to make my blog something special for me.  So thank you for reading and for contributing to the conversation from time to time.  Especially if you’ve been following along since the beginning.

XOXO Angela

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I started Angela's Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in 2011, while struck with jet lag! It was my very first blog, the country's very 1st luxury travel blog. Now I'm rocking YouTube as @WanderwithAngela, hope you'll subscribe.

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  1. handsfullofsand

    & I am sure this is going to be a heart breaking news to many over here & elsewhere.. 😀


  2. Yasmin from Miami :)

    Very happy for you Angela, you deserve the love and success you have now. Your blog not only changed your life but it also made a difference in others. The valuable information you put in it helped me have a better idea of the social life and special locations in Bangalore; it gave me a huge relief about my decision to relocate to this city. And to top it all, I had the pleasure to meet you on my first weekend and it was a great welcome to Bangalore… keep blogging, keep writing, keep loving and smiling this is your time. Enjoy!

    • AngelaCarson

      Are you sure you’re a developer and not a blogger? That was a lovely comment!  Thanks.  And let’s meet this week for drinks, mama needs a cocktail 🙂 xo

  3. Yasmin

    Fo sho! lol

  4. Rajiv

    Well, Angela,

    It is spring here in California and am glad your heart has now found a hot new love !

    I hope it sizzles to the temperature levels on the surface of Venus , lovely tall blonde woman ! Hot, hot, hot!

    A couple of witty quotes about love

    Albert Einstein when asked about falling in love and his gravitational theory!

    His reply : “Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love!!”

    Robert Frost, “Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.”

    Enjoy the passion of Venus! 😉

    • Rajiv


      You deserve all the accolades. you are a fantastic writer, oozing with intellect, cultural depth and charm !

  5. Keith Coelho

    You teach me/us how to love live Angie! Cheers, Keith

    • AngelaCarson

      Oh grasshopper, you do not want to be taking lessons from me!  Well, not the me right now.  Let’s see in time 😉  And Keith, is this really the first comment you’ve ever left on the blog itself?  Has it aways been on FB?  -ange

  6. Sexy Hamster

    good read … What happened after you met him is not history… It is the unexpected future that can change lives..
    Good luck 😉

    • AngelaCarson

      Sexy Hamster?  I love it!  I giggled thrice upon reading your pseudonym/alias, so thanks for that first thing in the morning! 

      You are right, the path ahead of this romance is the unexpected future and not history.  Thanks, nicely put.  Fingers and toes crossed that his feelings might be as strong as mine still (I hope).   Thanks for commenting, warmed my heart    -A


  7. Grasshopper on a bicycle with rum in her basket

    Soooo happy you’ve found love again Hopper! You deserve it!! I am so proud of the name you’ve made for yourself and wish you all the best in the future – #1 on Google, not an easy task! Kudos!!! And now… tell us more about this tall handsome fellow… do we get to see pictures?? 😉

    • AngelaCarson

      HOPPPPPER!  You made my day!  What a wonderful surprise to see that alias and realise it is no other than MY HOPPER!  (sadly, I have been looking for 2 weeks for my grasshopper t-shirt and can’t find it 🙁  Still haven’t lost hope!)  Thanks soooo much for your sweet message, will email you a couple pics and a saucy intro to this tall, handsome fellow – lordy he’s hot!  And smart and sweet and compassionate.  And yes, things are looking better this year, I’m about to launch a new social media outsourcing company with 2 partners in Australia.  Will share more via email too.  Kisses to you my saucy hopper.  Love ya xo

  8. Grasshopper on a bicycle with rum in her basket

    Yay! Can’t wait for the email and I can’t wait to hear more about everything. I’m in LA now on a work trip and about to leave for a meeting, but will email you once I’m back in CAT next week. Love and miss youuuuuu and can’t wait to catch up. xooxooxo hippity hoppity

  9. Claudia

    Happy to read that you feel so fine!

    • AngelaCarson

      Thanks so much 🙂 -angela

      • Alvin

        Angela, You cann’t limit the tall, dark handsome’s pics to just Hopper. Like me, there are several fans who are eager to know about your lover boy. Do share his pics here with us 😉 if not all, atleast just me 😉

        • AngelaCarson

          hahaha sorry but BFFs get special privileges 🙂  But, there are a couple of photos of he and I out there already (one from our first date even) … you just have to look.  Have a lovely Sunday! -angela

  10. Alvin

    bffs!!!! huh 😉 Too many dark handsome men in those pictures 😉 which one, is the question 😉

    • AngelaCarson

      Nahhhhh, it’s not hard to sort out if you are truly curious. I’ve only written 2 articles about us. Mentions where we met, the dates more or less…. Or just wait and see what happens, along with me! It is all a wonderful mystery at this point. 🙂

  11. Alvin

    🙂 got it angela… God bless U !!

  12. Srinidhi

    Tell us more about your love life Angela.. Curious to know.. Was waiting to read more on Valentine’s day.. But you didn’t mention anything about how your first valentine’s day celebration was after 8 years of falling in love again or how life is now with your new found love.. Very very curious at the same time happy for you to meet Mr right after years..

    • AngelaCarson

      Hi Srinidhi, thanks for being curious!  That’s really sweet actually.  Well, turns out that my perfect guy wasn’t so perfect for me.  He ignored me quite a lot, and made sure to tell me that he was really busy and didn’t have time for me … yet checked in on Facebook about once every 17 minutes hahha  Sooooo…. bye bye!!  Why in the world would I stick around for that?  If that was how I was treated in the beginning of love, I just imagine how things would be later and that is just not for me.  🙂  Anyway, I’m still really loved up and happy but for my new career path and my daughter and my life!  Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day. -angela

  13. Alvin

    Sad to hear that…

    • AngelaCarson

      I was too at first but it went away almost instantly so my guess is that I was infatuated and not really in “soul mate” love. But it was fun 🙂 Now I’m just as happy but for things in my life and not for someone 🙂 Thanks though! -A

  14. Alvin

    Love U lady… Cheer up !!!

  15. Diana

    Congrats! great blog.

  16. Kartik

    I have always wondered how a foreigner would find Tech city bangalore! Your blog certainly gave me an insight, and the way you wrote it is surely a good snack with a cup of tea!
    Cheers Angela!

  17. Ajay


    I am happy for you.You know love comes when you least expect it.GOD BLESS YOU.

  18. Ajay

    Are there a lot of foreign woman working in Bangalore and if so how many?

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