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Brick Lane Grill Restaurant Sets The Most Romantic Table In Bangalore

Bangalore is home to some amazingly lovely tables in some truly fantastic restaurants.  In fact, the array of fine dining establishments with outdoor and rooftop seating is phenomenal here and certainly not what I was expecting when I moved to a city that lives through monsoon season.   I’ve had the good fortune to eat in many of them and I have my favourite…that one spot that I find has the most lovely and romantic table to dine at in town.   But that was before I went to Brick Lane Grill.  Set atop Escape Hotel & Spa, Bangalore’s new hotspot has hands-down the single most romantic table to share a meal with someone special.

The charm of this Parsi and fusion Euro-South Indian restaurant is in the elegant details and attributed in large part to the fact that it has been designed completely white in colour.  From the tables to the floor, the pillars, the walls and even the over 100 potted plants with white flower cascading down the walls – Brick Lane is whitewashed simplicity.  Instead of art on the walls they built alcoves into them for candles and vases.  In fact, 2 black chalkboards, black iron candleholders on the tables and black coasters offer the only contrast against the white backdrop and the result is wonderful and warm – not stark.  The variety of seating also gives a unique feel to the restaurant.  There are low tables with bench seats, tall tables with high-back chairs, small intimate square tables for two, larger traditional rectangular tables…and even bar style seating around the glass enclosed kitchen.

Illumination plays a characteristic role at this fashionable restaurant.  From candlelit walkways to the gentle glow of fairy lights, everyone shines in the soft lighting of this beautiful venue.  There must be over a hundred candles softly lighting up the night sky at Brick Lane each evening giving it a truly elegant and romantic air.

Today so many restaurants are stuck positioning themselves as either a fine dining establishment or a party spot.  Brick Lane does something that I remember only experiencing at Buddha Bar in Paris or le Tanjia in Marrakech, which I adore.  The evening begins with groovy, sensual tunes played at a volume that ensures everyone can enjoy lively banter with friends or quiet conversation over a romantic meal.  Then, as the night progresses, the volume is kicked up (post 10pm) and the music – although still an international groovy and soulful mix – takes on a more party beat.  The energy is amazing and the musical styling is absolutely fitting for a classy, upscale venue (unlike most spots in town that blast pop or house music at insane volumes that strip away the feeling of ‘fine dining’ every time).  Their head bartender is fantastic and makes an amazing watermelon mint martini and their wine and Champagne list is super.

Now back to the little ‘romantic’ treasure I just discovered.  Ascend a candlelit stairwell one floor above the main salon and bar to the enclosed dining room with charming New England style white-paned windows that wrap around three sides.  At the far end of that room there is a wooden and glass door that leads out to a private terrace…and that is where the most romantic table in Bangalore is found.  Setup for either a romantic dinner for two or for a small celebration, the elegance of the table setting and the surroundings is unmatched anywhere else, and the view of Bangalore from the rooftop is lovely.  But it isn’t the vista alone but the combined beauty of adding in the sights below in Brick Lane to the moon and the stars and skyline.  Fairy lights extend across the restaurant from the base of the ‘romance’ terrace and span the length of the open air dining room below.  Together with the 40+ cascading mandalas around the terrace and restaurant and the shimmering reflections from the pool below and the additional cascading mandalas around it, the result is just dazzling.  Honestly, there’s nothing like it in town.  If you want to experience it, be sure to specifically reserve it in advance.  I’ve dined there twice now with mates but I would love to have memories with someone special in that spot.

Aside from obviously specialising in grilled dishes, Brick Lane Grill is home to the best Parsi food I have personally ever eaten.  Executive Chef and CEO of Brick Lane, Zubin Aria, is Parsi and has married his passion for pleasing guests and his native cuisine to deliver an outstanding menu.  The pomfret dish Patra Ni Machi is exquisite with the fish is marinated in coconut, mint and cilantro chutney, then wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed.  It is truly out of this world and tied for 1st place with the home-style mutton dish Sali Boti which is cooked in an apricot and date gravy and served with thin crispy julienne potato strips.  The veg ladyfingers dish Turella Bhinda is rockin’ too!

The grill offers up something for everyone.  From veg treats, including skewers of vegetables and paneer, to a diverse assortment of non-veg options.  There aren’t many restaurants in town that serve it all but Brick Lane does.  A wide variety of vegetables plus non-veg beef, pork, lamb, chicken, seafood and fish are all on offer.  Über fresh and the highest of quality.

Their Tandoori starters are yummy.  I think the mango infused tandoori paneer is my favourite.  It is heaven, accompanied by mango chutney!  Well, either that or the crispy yellow chilli prawns!  Their fusion Euro-South Indian dishes and fresh breads are also fantastic.  Zubin shared that they are the only restaurant serving spicy tender coconut and cashew curry…the texture is fantastic and the flavour is simply delicious.

The desserts menu was elaborated by Canadian chef Chris Canham!  Don’t miss the warm chocolate treacle tart, their little devil of a dessert that is sinfully delightful.  The crust is tender and the warm chocolate and walnut filling isn’t overly sweet.  And for as decadent as it is, it isn’t overly heavy.  It is my personal favourite amongst their 10 homemade desserts!  The coffee brûlée is a creamy and amazing twist on the original crème brûlée and is made with coffee from Coorg and even served with an Italian biscotti.

Brick Lane Grill is located in Indiranagar on 100 Feet Road above Guess and The Body Shop.  I would recommend calling ahead for a reservation if you can.  And please trust me on this: the next time you have a special occasion or if you want to fall in love or ignite love’s flame, call and request the most romantic table in Bangalore.

(reviewer Angela Carson)

I started Angela's Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in 2011, while struck with jet lag! It was my very first blog, the country's very 1st luxury travel blog. Now I'm rocking YouTube as @WanderwithAngela, hope you'll subscribe.

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  1. Michael Piers

    Hi Angela,

    Loved your article on BLG. Beautifully written. Its sad that you did not mention the person who designed this amazing space. Her name is SMITHA ZACHARIAH (mobile# 9845474216) and I thought it would have been nice if you mentioned her name in your article given that you really loved the space she created.

    Warm regards,


    • AngelaCarson

      Thanks so much for your kind words and for adding to the article with the architect’s name.  I do really love the space, EVERYONE does, including all the other restaurant owners in town who I’ve ever spoken to about Brick Lane Grill.  Hope you will continue to read the reviews and watch the videos and ALWAYS feel free to add to the conversation like today.  Cheers, angela

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