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F Bar and Kitchen Bangalore Pre-Launch Party: Where Fashion Was King

Tonight is the grand opening of Bangalore’s fabulous new addition to the restaurant and club scene, F Bar and Kitchen.  Yet I was lucky to have my first decadent taste of “F” last night at the pre-launch party.  Let me tell you, it was quite a night! First, you have to imagine the scene.  With ties to Fashion TV of course there was a photo call wall upon entering through a short hallway…complete with photographers and videographers capturing the excitement of the guests one by one.  Once the moment was captured, you walk out of the hall into the most incredible new venue in town.

There is a garden bar before you, with funky pebble walking paths and seating under the trees and stars.  To your right is a wide, curved, sweeping staircase with a bridge that can take you up and over and into the upstairs bar.  Beyond that is tremendous 25 foot high white wall with a unique texture that spans the width of F Bar and converts into a waterfall with Fashion TV projected onto it throughout the night — it’s wonderful!  Or if you turn to your left, you could head over to the dining room with its eclectic and modern array of seating for intimate dates or groups of friends wishing to satiate their appetites.

The bar upstairs is – if I remember correctly – the longest bar in Bangalore, which means there was always a spot open to reach the bartender.  There are funky lounge sofas to chill out on and bar tables.  In fact, I curled up like a kitten for a while on our sofa! Well, okay, not quite like a kitten exactly but I did tuck my legs under me and lounge back as if I was at home for a bit while I was sipping my cosmopolitan!

The upstairs bar is also home to resident DJ Yon (formerly from Skyye) who fills F Bar with pounding beats that make it impossible to stay seated for too long! The pre-launch party was wonderful.  I was one of maybe 10 expats at the party I think, and if I had to guess I’d say there were easily 400ish guests, though I certainly could be wrong and selling them short.  To be honest, it was sort of interesting to have the numbers of Indians to expats skewed so much…but in a good way.  The place was packed and everyone looked stunning.

The strict dress code was black, white or grey and the invited guests were dressed to perfection.  In fact, it’s the most elegant party I have attended here in Bangalore.  I know that even on Saturday nights it probably won’t ever be quite like that again but I would love it if it was!  There were models running around, the ladies all looked fresh from the salon and the men were truly elegant.  There were gowns and tuxedos even.  It felt like being at VIP in Paris, and personally I love black tie parties and I can guarantee you that this was the closest thing I’ve seen here until now, I was in heaven! For entertainment, of course there was DJ Yon spinning tunes.  But in true Fashion TV and F Bar style, there was a fashion show that led the models all the way down the winding staircase, through the crowd, up the internal stairwell and through the upstairs bar.  The women were amazing and the dresses and fashions gave me dress envy several times to say the least!  You know what I kept thinking through the fashion show though?  That the staircase isn’t short…so I bet that the models were all breathing a sigh of relief each time they stepped down onto level ground again without a mishap 🙂

The hors d’oeuvres were passed around by cute waiters…everything from Thai fish cakes to cheese poppers and spring rolls.  It was all yummy.  And the cocktails were perfect every time too, which is fantastic because I am on a big cosmo kick lately and there’s nothing worse than a crappy cosmo!  The guys behind the bar definitely know what they are doing, and they were quick…and remembered our order after the first round so whenever my friend Chandra and I went up for another round we just needed to smile and nod to order our drinks.  It doesn’t get any better! I’m sure the official launch today will be equally packed and incredible, especially coinciding with the launch of Bangalore fashion week.  Ohhh, and I really can’t wait to see the video reel they produce from the party.  I missed part of the fashion show so looking forward to catching what I missed.

XOXO Angela © Angela Carson, 2011

I started Angela's Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in 2011, while struck with jet lag! It was my very first blog, the country's very 1st luxury travel blog. Now I'm rocking YouTube as @WanderwithAngela, hope you'll subscribe.

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  1. Chandra Sanford

    As always….I had a blast with you toots!

  2. Suriya

    sounds like I am missing something!! Thanks for sharing

  3. SAM

    nice. angela, u look good for a 40-year old. wud luv to know u better and bone u someday. loads of foreign chicks getting boned here in bangalore now. regards, sam

    • angela_carson

      hahaha I think that is the funniest comment I have received so far. It’s odd you think it’s just expats getting busy out there…

    • sharell

      Or should you say, getting banged in Bangalore! This is a darn funny comment. And how old might you be, Sam. 😛

      • angela_carson

        Sharrel, your’s is much better, wish I had thought of it 🙂 Sam’s email address has 1981 in it so my guess is 29…. 🙂

  4. sharell

    Oh dear, I do think Mumbai is starting to get left behind. We’re still waiting for our F Bar to open. 🙁 I’d better stop poking fun at Bangalore for its early curfew and no dancing rule.

    • angela_carson

      You know what? What we lack in opening hours we are definitely making up for in swish spots! You have to come down for a party weekend 🙂 xx

  5. Visakh

    Hi Angela,

    We are from Kerala, and we visited FBar after a friend recommended it and reading your blog. We really did have a very nice time. We were 3 single males and we wished, we brought some of our female friends also. We were really turned on by the couples dancing there and there were so many of them dancing, that it was impossible to keep dancing without colliding with some of them. Bit we guys kept our cool and was decent ( We knew there will be consequences if we weren’t :P). But we danced the hell out and even danced with some of the couples who were friendly. Really gonna visit FBar again next time we are at Banglore.

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