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Love Shack and Xtreme: Raining Men at Ladies’ Night in Bangalore

Everyone loves Ladies’ Night.  We women love it because we are treated special, don’t queue and we are gifted cocktail after cocktail throughout the night.  Fabulous!!  Men love it because the ratio of stunning ladies in the bar all of a sudden soars into double and triple digits.  This reality is not the norm on any other night of the week, even on Saturdays.  Although, I would guess that my lovely lesbian friends back in Sitges would make fun of me for saying this, rightly claiming that every night is ladies’ night for them.  Fair enough!

I don’t want to bore you by recounting my first ladies night experience 5 weeks ago but I would like to offer up a quick recap.  When I first moved to Bangalore around the middle of April, I was staying in a hotel just off 100 Feet Road for the first month.  At the time, I hadn’t met any friends yet so each night I would take myself out on a date with my laptop for a glass of wine and some dinner.  My work mate Sudarshan had suggested I try Xtreme Sports Bar because they played rock music on certain nights and it turns out he was Johnny-spot-on and I really did like it.  The staff is really nice, the Greek salad is yummy, it’s kind of dark and they have WiFi, haha.  Looking back I guess I had either gone on a Monday or Tuesday the first time so you can imagine my surprise when I was at Xtreme on a Wednesday night and for the first time saw modern, liberal Indian woman out in huge numbers in the sports bar that had been filled with a bunch of guys for the most part on my other two visits.

I felt like a real dork sitting with my laptop bellied up to the bar as group after group of trendy, attractive, young ladies came pouring into Xtreme.  I mean, in the space of 30 minutes the place filled to capacity.  And until that night I had not seen groups of girls with sexy outfits, throwing back shots and cocktails one after the other.  At work, of course it’s impossible to get a real feel for how my female colleagues behave away from the office.  Generally speaking, for 5 weeks I had been exposed only to quiet female colleagues, many of whom wear salwar kameez or even sari’s to work every day.  That night was a real eye-opener to the fact that basically the social realities of the party scene in Bangalore is more or less like it is back home in Barcelona or L.A.  Rock on!

But wait, it’s not actually the same at all.  In a few ways it’s much cooler.  First, like the U.S. does with so many things, they have banned Ladies’ Night as a concept stating that it is unfair practice, unconstitutional, etc…same bullshit that happens in the U.S. when religious groups start lobbying against something as simple as a marketing gimmick and sales promotion that bars used to try and increase the number of ladies in bars to attract more men and boost revenue.  As I was researching the topic I also learned that the U.S. banned “ladies’ day at the car wash” years ago too for the same reasons. Honestly!!  So lame!  But here in Bangalore, Ladies’ Night is alive and kicking and the bars do a great job to ensure that the location is packed.

Now to be fair, I didn’t stay and party at Xtreme so I can basically only comment on the fact that the place filled up with a great mix of guys and energetic, smiling and stunning ladies.  There were glow in the dark wrist bands slapped onto wrists for fun, carnival masks given out and ladies were given free drinks.  The music at ladies’ night was more pop than house but it was okay.

Love Shack in Indira Nagar is fast becoming one of my favorite bars in Bangalore.  I have had a great night each time I’ve been to Love Shack, of course my new friends are the main reason why but that’s not the only reason.  The staff are really cute and wear either all black or Hawaiian shirts (I think bartenders are in black and food servers are in Hawaiian shirts but I’m not sure) and they are very attentive.  I love the interior design of the bar, it makes me want to just chillax and stay there all night…comfy chairs, lots of different alcoves and open space.  The music is great, starts out more commercial and retro earlier in the night and then around 20:00 it shifts over to house.  My group of Indian friends hang out there so it’s fun to spontaneously run into people I know in an evening (which is WONDERFUL when you are new to a city like me and don’t know many people).  And, oddly enough, they have TWO ladies toilets.  I know this sounds like a strange reason but it makes a difference.  As much as I love some clubs, when they only have one stall it really isn’t fun waiting in a huge queue when you’d rather be outside with your friends enjoying your night.

Wednesday night was ladies night and it was really fun.  First, ladies are given a gift pack of three pink drink coupons as we walk through the door.  I loved that…didn’t expect it so for me it was just like receiving a little gift.  I’m just not accustomed to ladies night yet and the great benefits for us.  Although to be honest I forgot to use them so they are still here in my wallet, all three of them, haha.  What a dumb blonde move but I suppose I can use them another time (hope that’s okay, Himesh??).  I have to share that Wednesday night was my first time here in Bangalore when I really smiled when I woke up the next morning after checking my purse and seeing drink coupons and credit card receipts and cards in my bag that I had forgotten were there…probably should have diluted the margaritas with a water or two but that didn’t happen.

By 21:00 or 21:30 the entire place was filled.  Every table and chair was occupied, the open area around the bar was completely packed and the bartenders were working overtime shaking up cocktails and pouring drinks.  Now Wednesday night at Love Shack is also Karaoke night, so after about 21:45 the house music changed to pop’y mixes of today’s hits like Adele’s Rolling In The Deep, which is an improvement on the typical Frank Sinatra, haha.  Personally I prefer the house music but everyone was having such a fun time that it was actually pretty entertaining.

Next Wednesday, check out ladies night somewhere in town.  I promise that it is a fun time out with friends.  Please come back and share your experience too 🙂

XOXO from Bangalore

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  1. Binu Bhaskar

    Hi Angela,

    Nice piece of fun writing! Love shack is indeed a nice place, i haven’t been to the xtreme bar yet .The US banning “ladies nites” is hilarious. Cultural policing maybe.I shuttle between Dubai and Bangalore, and i do find the nightlife here very lively and varied. of course, if the closing bell is extended, Bangalore will be balanced completely !!
    This city used to be in the forefront of the Electronic music revolution in India.Good DJ’s. dance floors and people.
    I would suggest you can also try PEBBLE ( in palace grounds) for Trance,techno and minimal ( sometimes), great ambiance if you are an outdoor person. The other place to go for some hard Drum n bass dancing ( warning: you may need to be sufficiently drunk) is F&B ( bachus) on st. Marks road. Good crowd on a Wednesday.

    Do ensure that you blackmail a friend to drop you back home after a clubbing night, so that you don’t haggle with the autos. 🙂

    Have a great time in my city!


    • angela_carson

      Hi Binu, thanks for the fun comment. I haven’t heard of either of those clubs that you suggested but will ask my 2 mates who are DJs in town about them. Rumors are going around that the closing times will be extended soon so fingers crossed on that 🙂 ciao, angela

    • Meghna

      Hey Binu, did you go to RVCE?

  2. Sanatani Sen

    Forget the ladies at ladies’ night – how were the MEN?!?!

    (and have you heard about the Sri Ram Sen incident that happened a few years ago?)

    • angela_carson

      hahaha! The men don’t do it for me when they are in “hot pursuit” mode at ladies’ night or any other night. I’m trying to think and I and I actually can’t recall seeing a single guy that I just “had to meet” at eiither Xtreme or Love Shack. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of cute guys there but so far I haven’t given my number to anyone.

      And yeah, I did hear about that incident….I was pretty surpirsed when I heard. And about the subsequent events and changes that took place after. Such a pity.

  3. Siddhartha Kumar

    Hi Angela,

    Glad you are having a great time in Bangalore!!

    I am a British-Indian guy currently living in California. Love your blog. It is always interesting to hear about foreigner’s view/experience of India. I am amazed by how easily you have blended in.

    Even though I am of Indian ancestry, I found it difficult as a British Indian expat to blend in easily in India.

    It seems like you hung out with lesbians in Barcelona unless I misunderstood. barcelona is a fun city ! I have tons of lesbian and bi women friends. For some reason, they like me and have given me “honorary lesbian status!”. But, here is something you’ll get a kick out of for sure. My ex-wife, a “gori” american like you dumped me for a woman, a mutual friend of ours!!


    Enjoy your stay in Bangalore

    Siddhartha in California

    • angela_carson

      Wow, what a story…. you made me laugh with the honorary lesbian comment. I do love the gays, still trying to find some gay mates here but so far no luck. I hope you are living someplace fantastic in California and enjoying it. And thanks for your generous and kind comments. Big hug from Bangalore 🙂

  4. Siddhartha Kumar

    I am in San Francisco. I have an american gf, a typical Northern euro-mutt, a little bit of every northern european culture in her. She is like you tall, 5’8″ , fit a, attractive blue eyed blonde. Guess what she likes gurls too! Well, she is a San Franciscan. By the way, my american gf thinks you are gorgeous:)

    So, if you are ever in San Francisco…………..?



    My question is unless India has changed , do you feel safe as a western woman?

    My ex-wife and two of her women friends traveled with me to India and they got harassed so much by local men, I was mortified ! It was more so in North India, Delhi being the worst.

    I know the pub scene is new in India so I was wondering it might be even more risky in pubs ???

    Cheers and sweet dreams !

  5. angela_carson

    hahaha, omg I just spit on my monitor from bursting out laughing, you both rock.

    Yes, oddly, I have felt unsafe here, which I am not happy about. The first night I moved into my new apartment I decided to go for a walk around 20:30 or 21:00 to explore the high street (Mosque Road) of the really nice area where I live and I was stopped by a man on a motorbike and hassled a bit but then 2 gentlemen came to my side and shoo’d him away. They also told me not to walk alone anymore so late. So late? haha

    Also, in transition from the bars to an after party my mates are always really uncomfortable if I step out of the car if we stop for food or cigarettes, etc. They have seen a couple of cars stop and try to abduct a woman once, and have heard enough tales so they try to keep me as low profile as possible from point A to point B.

    At pubs and clubs, however, I have not felt at risk even for a moment. Nor at the hotels or posh commercial centers, etc….

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