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Skyye Lounge in UB City is the Height Of Bangalore Nightlife

I feel pretty darn lucky that my very first-ever night out in Bangalore was at the – highest – and most visually stunning venue in town.  It took place on a Saturday night, exactly 5 weeks after moving to Bangalore.  I had gone to UB City that day for my first visit to the hair salon and my new stylist — a really sweet guy from Sri Lanka — invited me out with him and his mates to Skyye Lounge that evening for some drinks.  You can’t imagine how thrilled I was at the idea of throwing on my little black dress and hitting the town for the first time.

Skyye Lounge is undeniably the highest and most visually stunning venue in town.  For a date with someone special, a night out with friends, a corporate group event or even for a private party…it is a fabulous choice.  Located inside the most swish commercial shopping and business centre in Bangalore, UB City, on the rooftop of the 16th floor of one of the towers, it is hands-down a must-visit destination.

The entrance to Skyye is behind some of the most massively tall doors I have ever seen for a club, which are adorned with stylized rivits and – if memory serves – partly covered in leather.  There is low lighting and large lounge seating.  The venue itself is broken up into several zones, with an indoor lounge area and 2 indoor bars.  But inside isn’t where the real beauty of Skyye lies.  Step outside to fall completely in LOVE.

Imagine having a birds-eye view on Bangalore, from a decadent lounge club with innovative lighting, tons of seating and fabulous house music blaring through the speakers by the rockin’ and oh-so-sweet DJ TT, resident at Skyye.  The entire outside is open to the stars, with various sections and decks with seating to choose from.  There are bar stools around the upper deck round-shaped bar, low and high tables on the upper deck for dining or chilling, and even private U-shaped booths that can be reserved for groups.  The first time I stepped outside and I felt the wind blowing through my hair and gently blowing my dress…well, that was it!  I fell head over heels in love.

Illumination plays a key factor in the décor and is even considered by many to be one of the main characteristic features of Skyye, specifically their floor lighting.  To me it looks like a larger-scale tribute to Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean video.  The floor of the open-air upper deck is lined with immense one meter square glass tiles illuminated from below.  It’s fantastic.  Well, okay, it’s fantastic most of the time.  I have actually been a victim of that stunning lighting once when I realized that my silk dress – normally NOT see-through in the least – was completely transparent while I was standing on certain tiles.  My mate who I was with on that night was a guy and oddly never mentioned the problem (maybe for him it wasn’t a problem!) so for about 10 minutes I was inadvertently given a mild sort of peep show to the people!

Ladies, just take my advice and learn from my mistake and do a back-lighting test on your dress to ensure it is not at all see-through before you go so you can completely enjoy the upper deck.

The crowd that congregates at Skyye is actually quite varied, with younger and older crowds mingling all together throughout the bar.  There are always some expats around.  There are groups of very posh locals or mixed International crowds with the men wearing stunning suits and Italian leather shoes and women with a ‘just out of the salon’ look wearing either classic or daring but always gorgeous dresses and sexy stilettos (there is a strict dress code, so guys I’m even referring to cool hiking shorts like these from  At times there are also groups that don’t quite blend in with the normal crowd and don’t appear to be regular visitors to Skyye based on their clothes, shoes and accessories but they are there celebrating something fabulous and are having a wonderful time and are sporting huge smiles.

For as swish a venue as Skyye is, the drink prices are phenomenally reasonable.  And unlike a couple of other popular venues in town, I have never heard a single mention from anyone of them trying to generate higher bar bills by confusing patrons or overcharging expats.  They are a 100% high quality establishment, from bar to kitchen to staff and venue.  My usual poisons include a double Absolut with 7up which runs around Rs. 700 or a cosmopolitan or martini that costs around Rs. 400.  The bartenders and waiters are all very nice, with big smiles…and they are QUICK.  It’s fabulous.  Although there is no set VIP zone, you can order bottles to the tables, which is great.  And on a completely busy and wonderfully decadent night, you can order a bottle to the centre of the Michael Jackson floor and they will setup a makeshift table at the drop of the hat.

The food is also amazing.  I have even been on a tour of the kitchen and it’s even amazing from the inside.   Their salads are yummy, the steak is thick and juicy (which is hard to find here in Bangalore) and they literally serve the most amazing cheese platter in town (believe me because I am crazy about cheese and I’ve tried every platter I’ve come across)!!  They also serve delectable Med and Indian cuisine.

As for the music, there is something special about being outdoors, with the wind gently caressing your skin and the sound of house music pumping through the night sky that is incredible.  It’s impossible to keep from moving to the beat.

Skyye is open 7 nights per week, 6pm to 11:30.  Cover charge is Rs. 3,000 if they don’t know you.

(reviewer Angela Carson)


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