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Love Shack, Bangalore’s Groovin’ Sunday Brunch

There is a tavern in London that has the most amazing afternoon parties.  My friends and I would go there whenever I visited, which for a while was close to every eight weeks.  For me, it was the most fun I ever had on Sundays.   Things would start up around 5 p.m. and we’d boogie and shake our “groove things” until 11 p.m. then leave the tavern happy as clams after our mega dance workout.  It honestly was the best!

And I never thought that I would find a replacement for that Sunday afternoon fun but there are two Sunday brunches in town that really feel more like Saturday night than simply a lazy Sunday afternoon — Shiro in UB City and Love Shack!

If you haven’t been to Love Shack you definitely need to check it out.  It’s like shabby-chic meets loungy beach house.  Most everything is whitewashed and panelled or made of wood but then there are massive cushions on comfy chairs or benches, chandeliers and fabrics draped from the ceiling.  All of these things alone are not big deal but together it creates a simple elegance that is missing in your average beach house.

Love Shack’s brunch includes unlimited cocktails and beer as well as an assortment of dishes to fill the belly.  The food at Love Shack isn’t on par with the fine dining establishments we normally review but that’s not why you’d go to Love Shack for brunch — you go for the beach party ambiance and the music!

In fact, what is amazing is the energy and the people!  The first time I went I was amazed at how cool brunch could be at Love Shack.  Partially because it can last SOOOO much longer than the other brunches because their after brunch party starts up immediately after…and partially because it just feels cool to be partying with the sun out and sunglasses on because – although there’s no direct sunlight –  the open architecture of the bar and the lack of glass windows makes you want to wear shades, trust me.

The resident DJ gets the party started from 12pm to 4pm, making chilling out and lounging with good friends even better.  But from 4pm on, the party continues and the night kicks in and goes until 11pm.  From time to time, Love Shack brings in amazing guest DJs who makes it 100% impossible to sit still.  My favourite Sundays there so far – the ones that kept me on my feet and dancing my ass off – have been with Dualist Inquiry ( and the Sunday that DJ Whosane! was there (



Love Shack FB page:

Opening times:  12 – 4pm

What I liked best:  The venue and the party atmoshere are what make Love Shack stand out.  For casual fun in a setting that makes you want to melt into the cushions or shake your tail feathers…this is it.

What I liked least:  No Champagne served.  Lacks the variety that is commonplace elsewhere.  No “luxury” service, quality or attention to detail, and lack of fully fluent English speaking staff at times.

Cost: Rs. 999 +tax, which includes unlimited food and the typical mocktails and soft drinks and a menu full of unlimited cocktails and Budweiser beer.

(reviewer Angela Carson)

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  2. Vikram S Dwarakanath

    Hi, Angela.
    I would love to to be a part of the “Brunch & Beyond” tomorrow… sadly, i have commitments which would dictate my arrival time. I will reach there between 7-00 & 7-30… I am anxious & curious to meet you in person. Please let me know of your duration of presence there. Hope to get a chance to chat with u.
    P.S: Forget about the hate comments… this country has a majority of people with ” Frogs in a well” mentality & they’re not open to experience the true freedom of expression.
    Cheers n keep blogging (u remind me of what i’ve forgotten)
    Vikram 🙂

  3. Meghna

    Hi Angela, nice blog! I’m about to move back to Bangalore after 11+ years in the US, I was looking for some insider info on the city that was once home and came across your blog. Love your writing style, it’s so fun!

  4. Mish

    Hey Angela- I’m moving to Bangalore for 6 months from London and feeling super excited/quite nervous! I’m in my midtwenties so it’s great to read your blog and see that there is a cool social scene out there! I was wondering if you could help me out with some advice on how to dress…from your photos, it looks very glam. Are short dresses, heels, etc appropriate! I wasn’t really expecting to bring my usual London night outfits, but after seeing your photos, I’m thinking again!

    I was also wondering if you are part of any of the expat social clubs? I’m really keen to meet lots of new people and it seems like these could be quite cool?!

    Anyways, thanks for the tips- can’t wait to get out there!

    • angela_carson

      Hey Mish, heels and glam yes…but the girls that wear really short dresses look hoochie in Bangalore instead of stylish so wear silk, wear the latest fashions, go with strappy but I would suggest no more than a couple inches above knee and not too much cleavage. The Indian guys are strangely agressive and overly confident and assume that anyone that dresses in a way that looks overtly sexy is asking to be treated less respectfully than other women. I push the boundaries sometimes with a backless dress or by always wearing strappy dresses but I balance it as much as possible so I don’t look like a ‘ho 🙂 haha But definitely bring you sexiest bags and shoes and clothes, there are loads of hot spots for all that…and during fashion week you’ll want a gown, etc.

      As far as the expat scene, I have purposely avoided it 100% but have friends who are involved in it so I can hook you when you come with a couple of my mates, email me (my email is on the “about angela” page of my blog. –angela

      • Meghna

        Hi Angela, I need some shopping info about B’lore, I’m hoping you can help…… have you been shoe shopping yet? Do they have the latest styles in the stores, like the booties? Any idea what the price is? I don’t have any connections left in Bangalore after all these years and trying to explain what “booties” are to my mom will probably not work too well! Any insight is appreciated. Thanks, Meghna

        • angela_carson

          Hey there, I will be back home in a week and will look around at a few normal shoe shops. But I know that Jimmy Choo in UB City was selling their latest collection, and Diesel also had some last time I popped in (also in UB City) 🙂 You’ll be fine!! Cheers, angela

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