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The Wonderful Debauchery of Sunday Brunch – Best Sunday Brunch in Bangalore Series

I’ve been crazy for Sunday Brunch in Bangalore since shortly after my arrival.  In fact, it was late last summer that I started reviewing them for my blog … dissecting everything about virtually every brunch in town and loving every minute of it.  At times I’ve gone with my daughter, once for a business meeting…but mostly I’ve enjoyed Sunday Brunch with friends.  Some brunches offer up a dignified and lovely sit-down experience perfect for quiet conversation.  Others are like a Saturday night party but under the mid-day Bangalore sun where you don’t want to stay seated but shake your tail feathers instead.  Some are casual and some are hotspots where you dress to be seen and the labels are flying.

Now, I don’t have a completely one-track mind.  There’s a time and place for everything but my tendency is towards either the sophisticated brunch with impeccable, unmatchable service OR the dance-filled party brunch where everyone seems to be throwing back the “hair of the dog” for that Saturday night hangover!  And more often than not, Sunday brunch doesn’t end when the food is put away.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone to brunch when the party actually ended with brunch.  Either our gang will head over to Skyye for their sundowner party or go for an after-brunch-party at a friend’s flat but somehow brunch seems to be the start of Sunday in Bangalore.

The pool at Brick Lane Grill is fabulous … can’t wait to see who sports a bikini or swimming costume and soaks up the sun at brunch! Generally it is only the expats but let’s see 🙂

I was inspired to write this particular blog (which is a short one for me) because this Sunday there is a new brunch in town launching at Brick Lane Grill and I can’t wait to try it.  From what I can gather from my chat with the head of PR, the brunch is going to be the upscale luxury and haute cuisine everyone has grown to expect from this amazing place combined with a kick-ass mixologist and the sexy, groovy beats from their DJ to bring us a brunch that delivers nothing less than elegant debauchery.  I’m imagining a Bangalore version of Nikki Beach Club in Cannes or Ushuaïa in Ibiza … with women in silk dresses, gold, Jimmy Choos, Louis Vuitton bags and guys in linen trousers (eh-hem, love men in baggy’ish linen trousers FYI).  Because they are now the second brunch spot in Bangalore to let the women slip into bikinis and the men in board shorts (no speedos please guys, hehe).

Brick Lane Grill on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar is home to the most romantic table in Bangalore (in my opinion) and it is where I discovered Parsi food.  And fell in love with it.  Honestly, if you haven’t been to Brick Lane yet and live in Bangalore you really must try it.  Especially now that they have combined by two favourite brunches into one: elegance and an upscale party.  The ambience and décor of this amazing restaurant are stunning and the chef – Zubin – has created a menu that has sent me back to Brick Lane time and time again since I discovered it this past summer.

And I’d love to hear your take on Sunday Brunch in Bangalore.  I adore them almost as much as a fun Saturday night … sometimes more because the day starts earlier wich means there is more fun to pack into a good time out with friends or family.  How about you?

XOXO Angela


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