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Novotel Poolside or Indoor Dining Brunch REVIEW – Best Sunday Brunch in Bangalore Series

Nothing puts a smile on my face more when I step through the doors of a restaurant – especially when it’s Sunday Brunch time – as when a cute server is there, tray in hand, with a big smile, offering me a drink just for stoppin’ in!  Turn that into a chilled goblet full of sangria to remind me of life back home in Barcelona, well…double score!

The Sunday that I enjoyed my first brunch at Novotel was spread over almost five hours of fun and food in the wonderful company of some old and new Bangalore mates!   We were sat inside the round and very cool private dining nook, which I highly recommend taking the time to call ahead and reserve if you are a party of eight or less!  Brunch fun was spent with my dear friend and Editor of luxury magazine Indulge Jackie Pinto, my favourite Indian winemaker Abhay Kewadkar and his lovely wife Jyotsna, Bangalore Wine Club’s Rishad and his saucy wife Anna and one of my favourite couples, local jewellery designer Jyotika Tanwani and Puneet Dhawan, the Accor Bangalore GM for Novotel and Ibis.

Located on the main road of the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Novotel is well worth the drive out if you’re a ‘townie’ … trust me on this one!  Not only do they let you enjoy the pool if you so desire (something us expats LOVE) but it now stands out as one of my new favourite brunch spots in town for a few reasons!

The #1 reason is the fact that they serve FOIE GRAS!  Not pâté and not anything minced but true ‘buttery soft, melt-in-your-mouth’ YUMMY foie!  If you are a fan, head over there as soon as possible because this decadent delicacy is served perfectly there, and any way you want it.  My favourite was foie gras atop a toasted slice of baguette with apple compote.  The duck soft and delicate but with deep flavours that show just how fresh and high quality the meat is.

After having a couple of cringe-worthy experiences with the live music at Sunday brunch, it was refreshing to have a change of pace at Novotel.  They play a modern mix of chillout and international sounds at just the right volume to keep conversations as the main focus on Sunday brunch and not the entertainment.

I normally don’t eat bread at brunch because I hate to fill up on it but I have to say that I was so tempted by the 12 bread options that I overindulged there a bit!  In fact, I liked their breads so much that I went to their boulangerie located just off the main lobby and bought two loaves of bread to take home that day, too!

The cheese platter is small for my taste with aged cheddar, brie, edam, gruyere and but the quality was nice and they serve the cheese on the wheels, not pre-sliced which is always nice.  There is a pretty big selection of fresh salads and dips that include the traditional brunch fare but also some fresh Indian dipping sauces.

They have several live stations preparing everything from:

  • Foie gras
  • Fresh omelets
  • Mongolian noodles, rice and grills from a selection of 6 meats, seafood and fish as well as 11 vegetables.  The chef proudly offers guests a choice of six freshly made sauces, including black bean sauce, teriyaki, peanut and more
  • Succulent lamb, chicken and roast beef rib eye tenderloin (it’s amazing, so if you are a carnivore definitely enjoy a bit of that tender and flavourful meat)
  • Hand rolled sushi 
  • Pstas, risottos and pizzas
  • Stuffed parantha and kathi rolls
  • Traditional western pancakes and waffles
  • Charcuteria that even has fresh melon in case you wanted to build a fresh ‘jamon con melon’ salad

Novotel offers up a healthy selection of sushi and dim sum and other East Asian cuisine, as well as American classics like fresh burgers and European rotisserie chicken.   There are MANY wonderful non-veg options to choose from at brunch, too!  The Indian dishes are tasty and it is interesting that they don’t serve traditional biriyani but modern renditions.  I tried the fish, murgh and mutton curries and all of the meat seemed to either melt in my mouth or fall apart at the touch it was all so perfectly cooked.  Ohhhhhhhh, and don’t miss the delicious paneer dish in coconut sauce, too!

The desserts are a pleasing assortment of classic brunch treats and some truly exotic specialties.  There is a chocolate fountain that even provides macaroons on a stick for dipping!  YUM!  But all of ladies at the tabled agreed (and I went back for SECONDS) that you absolutely must try the warm desserts the chef has prepared for brunch.  The day I was at Novotel there were three warm desserts, including a yummy Indian carrot treat, hot blueberry cobbler and toffee pudding.  They are all – SIMPLY – to die for!

Now, for you families, you will be happy to know that brunch is very kid-friendly.  However one thing I didn’t like personally is that the kids club brunch food is served inside the SQUARE (the main restaurant), which means that there are a lot of kids in SQUARE.  It would be much nicer, in my humble opinion, to house the kids brunch in a ballroom to make it more fun for them (they can be much louder and go a bit more wild), leaving the main brunch experience generally kid-free.


  • Opening times:  12 – 3:30pm
  • Coo Coo for Cheese 5-star rating:  2.75* (quality was great, variety poor)
  • What I liked best:  The foie, the foie, the foie!  And the warm blueberry cobbler!
  • What I liked least:  No Champagne.  Kids in the brunch zone.  The tapenade served at the table with the bread was overly salty and the hummus under-seasoned.
  • Cost: with mocktails and soft drinks Rs. 1,499 or a lovely boozy brunch including Jacobs Creek sparkling wine and cocktails made with Absolut vodka or any IMFL you fancy, unlimited for Rs. 1,899 (both exclusive of tax)

Go now to LIKE their Facebook page!  The Novotel marketing team does a great job of running fun contests and giveaways from time to time so don’t miss out!

For reservations, call the main switchboard at 80 66 705000

(reviewer Angela Carson)

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  1. Rhonald Moses

    Well, thought about checking on one of the restaurants you had reviewed during my Bangalore visit this time. But Unfortunately it was a short visit & spending time with friends outdoors & a very short stay didn’t allow me (had to pack up and return to join work).

    But planning to do it next month.

    Thanks for the reviews. Keep it up.

    • AngelaCarson

      Hey Rhonald – thanks as always for your lovely comments and for reading everything I publish 🙂 You are still #1 on my blog 🙂 -ange

  2. Vinil Ramdev (@vinilramdev)

    The place looks great, been to Novotel for a business meeting.. The brunch seems good, only concern is that it is too far from the city.

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