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Poolside Brunch @ Lalit Ashok – Best Sunday Brunch in Bangalore Series

Delhi street food at a 5* brunch? Mmmm YES! Fun and delicious….it was perfect.

To be fair, this is not my first time writing about the Lalit Ashok hotel and I’ll bet it won’t be my last.  Over the past 6 months, I have come to love with a bit of insane passion – and no, not fetish love – the restrooms on the roof-top level that are by far the coolest restrooms in the world for me.  I am also a huge fan of OKO because – for me – they have the coolest setting for eating sushi in town and I adore their scallops.  But I only recently learned that they have a restaurant on the ground level that serves five-star cuisine around the clock, including a brunch that is truly unique.

24/7 is an amazing venue and their Family’s Day Out brunch every Sunday is really something that every family in Bangalore should experience.  I grabbed my fabulously fun daughter and she and I headed out on an attack of our culinary senses to 24/7 at the Lalit Ashok!

Our attack, however, quickly hit its first obstacle.  You see, Family’s Day Out brunch isn’t confined to one space like at other restaurants so guests are forced to endure the arduous task of deciding what type of ambience they want and where they wish to sit.  You would think this is a simple task but it’s really not because there are so many diverse choices that it’s actually tough.  24/7 offers guests the choice to sit either indoors inside 24/7 in a completely acclimatized environment with a/c or outside in the shade in lovely wicker and glass tables with comfy chairs with fluffy cushions.  Or for guests who long for something different and definitely outside the norm and who came prepared with sunscreen, swimming costumes (bathing suits for us Americans) and cover-ups for the trips back to the buffet tables then take your brunch poolside for some swimming while lounging on either chaise lounges or tables.  Or if you want to go for their signature “picnic” experience then hippity hop on over to the picnic blankets with your family and celebrate brunch ‘family-style’ on either colourful retro bean bags or picnic benches on the grass.

Face painting, tattoos…. hey, this is fun for kids of all ages 🙂

Phewww!  Okay, once this task is complete, the fun of brunch really begins.  For me it started with a glass of sparkling wine, of course.  They serve Sula Brut, the local Indian sparkling wine, and it was okay.  I am not a huge fan of sparkling wine so much as Champagne but it wasn’t half bad.  I only realized later that there was an option for Moët & Chandon, which I definitely recommend opting for at brunch.  My daughter ordered some fresh juice to start.

The crowd at brunch was definitely there for the Family’s Day Out.  Unlike other brunches that are more about the cocktails, the crowd there was much more about the food and spending time with family.  There was only one other table of expats in the entire brunch, again something that was different to other brunch spots I have been to in Bangalore…it was nice.  I’ve walked into one brunch venue here and thought I had actually fallen through a hole and ended up back in the Europe or the U.S. , I’m not a fan of that at all.  Families were sitting inside, outside on picnic spreads and bean bags and alongside us in the shade.

As odd as this will sound, brunch was all about the ‘balls’ when we first started digging in!  Seriously, a couple of our favourite treats of the entire brunch were part of this ball sensation and I can’t wait to go back for more.  When you go, you have to try the melon balls in strawberry sauce, the yummy potato balls and DO NOT MISS the mozzarella balls drizzled with pesto sauce.

Of course, our first stop also included a visit to the cheese bar.  I am seriously coo coo for cheese and I rate a brunch in part on their cheese selection and quality.  In fact, one of the favourite books I read to my daughter when she was young was “The Man Who Loved Cheese”.  They have a limited but delicious assortment of international cheeses so I was a very happy camper.

After that we mixed it up and I tried some of the salads, including an avocado salad that was really good and a cucumber wrap.  I also tried the wok-tossed paneer and a few of the Indian dishes and they were yummy!!  My daughter opted for freshly grilled fish with a guacamole garnish that was incredible.  In fact, that was actually her favourite food at the brunch and she claims it’s because it was a lighter consistency than normal and perfect for fish.

As far as I know, the Lalit is the only hot-spot in town serving infamous Delhi street food as part of their posh brunch option.  I loved the “chilla” which is sort of like a thick, savoury crepe with paneer, onion and carrots mixed into the batter.  They also had shaved ice alongside the Delhi street food stations that offered up a selection of fresh fruit flavours.  I regret not trying the snow cones actually!

And last but not least, the Lalit does a great job of entertaining guests during brunch.  There is a one-man band belting out great classics and modern hits from the likes of Bob Marley, Oasis, Queen and other greats like Santana.  For the kids they also had the cutest darn clown I’ve seen in so long who painted tattoos and kept the kids busy with arts and crafts.

My daughter and I really enjoyed our time at brunch.  We have really busy schedules and it was nice to catch up in such a wonderful environment, completely pampered by the amazing staff at the Lalit.  We both highly recommend it.


Coo Coo for Cheese 5-star rating:  3.5* {the Danish blue and gouda are FAB!}

What I liked best: The fact that the brunch could be enjoyed while soaking up the rays on a picnic blanket or with the family poolside in a swimming costume is real treat for us expats – trust me .  As far as the food is concerned, both my daughter and I were coo coo for the melon balls in strawberry sauce, the mozzarella cheese balls and the freshly grilled in-the-moment white fish.

What I liked least:  Sadly the sparkling wine wasn’t very cold.  And I’m guessing that the fresh raw banana is an acquired taste because I just couldn’t get into that (and it tasted like a potato to me for whatever reason).

Cost: Rs. 1,750 including alcohol (selected brands), Rs. 2,250 including Moët & Chandon, Rs. 875 for children.  All prices are +tax, all-inclusive.  There is no special price for a “without alcohol” diners.

Opening times:  11:30am – 4pm

(reviewer Angela Carson)


I started Angela's Bangalore from my hotel room on the very first day I moved to India in 2011, while struck with jet lag! It was my very first blog, the country's very 1st luxury travel blog. Now I'm rocking YouTube as @WanderwithAngela, hope you'll subscribe.

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  1. syamukamath

    Why not visit Kochi, when u get some time . Its heard that the cochin prawn, and seafood is very tasty. There s much to watch here.
    -chinese fishing net
    -the dutch palace, Bolgatty palace , Taj malabar hotel.etc.
    -a jewish zynagogue , its awsum.
    And a very small restaurent, nt star hotel ,no bar called Pai brothers hotel .
    Its famous for 36+ varieties of Local ‘DOSAS’. and they export Dosas to various countries.:-)
    try it.

    • angela_carson

      Thanks for the tips, I would like to start travelling soon and will keep Kochi on the radar 🙂

      • syamukamath

        You must.Lols.
        Kerala has been rated as top tourist destinatn n India by the UN even above Taj mahal!!
        Its the Gods own country,.
        Ps we have nightlife and dance here, you can enjoy it.:-)

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  7. Sylvana Gelinas

    Hi Angela,
    Have you return recently to the Lalit for their brunch?
    Is there too many children … We don’t have any and try to avoid them most time 🙂
    Any other recommendation for a Sunday brunch that we can use the pool as well.
    Hope you can help me…

    • AngelaCarson

      Hi Sylvana, no I haven’t been there lately — I really need to go re-review everywhere at least once a year I think.  Thanks for that idea!  BUT with that said, I have expat friends who go there from time to time and they do the “drinking” brunch more than anything else.  Brick Lane in Indiranagar on 100 Feet Road was going to open up their pool to guests starting last month so do call them and check (pics here: ).  They are the only other spot “downtown” I know of.  After that, you could head to the BEAUTIFUL and stunning Alila Hotel in Whitefield.  Check them out here, I have a couple articles and a few photo galleries and 1 video:   Hope this helps 🙂 -angela

    • AngelaCarson

      Oh, and this is India.  I’m not a fan AT ALL of children at brunch but that is the norm.  The only 2 places that are really “party” in my opinion are Shiro and Olive Beach.  They are great, I’ve never seen kids running around there.  But, sadly, no pool.

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