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Vegetarian Delight in Bangalore

Hey all, I have a fun guest post from Kristal Zhang, a former expat in India!  Kristal lived in India for a couple of years and she loved every minute of it, as it brought her out of her comfort zone. She hopes to return one day and bring her family or friends with her. Currently, she freelances for a few online travel magazines.

In an article by the Lonely Planet writer Daniel McCrohan, explains that many first time visitors to India temporarily adapt to the vegetarian lifestyle to stay healthy on their vacation. While there are numerous places around Bangalore that cook their meat well, some travellers prefer to be safe than sorry. Luckily for these travellers in question, no other nation does veggie dishes better than India.

But when you’re visiting Bangalore, you don’t just want to randomly pick out a vegetarian or vegan menu item at any restaurant. You want to be dining at the recommended places during your short stay. With celebrity chefs opening eateries all over the world, even establishing restaurants in leading international airports, airport-based company Parking4Less has noted in a previous blog post titled, “Heathrow In Search of Perfection,” that our expectations for travel in a foreign country are higher than ever. Whether than means experiencing authenticity by bunking with locals, luxury treatment at a spa resort, visiting places frequented by the rich and famous, or simply discovering what it means to be a vegetarian in India, we want nothing short of the best.

Without further ado, here are Kristal’s top picks of vegetarian restaurants in Bangalore:


Northern Indians will identify the dishes at Imli as home food, with some even claiming their food to be better than their own mother’s cooking! The menu has a wide selection of items, so take your time with it, and expect large portions.

JP Nagar

The beauty of Kesariya is that you never really see the same menu twice, and because the kitchen is led by someone with a more extensive background in family kitchens rather than commercial outlets, you’ll feel the warmth of a loving Indian home at this eatery.

The Higher Taste

Pricier than the first two restaurants (but still cheap if you convert it into other currencies), The Higher Taste has a rather unusual spread at their buffet, in terms of not offering typical dishes and forgoing the use of onions and garlic. Nonetheless, the unusual flavors still make it a popular joint in the area.


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