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5 Star Hotel Vivanta by Taj Yeshwantpur is Amazing with My #1 Favourite Spa In Bangalore

We all want or need a Weekend Getaway sometimes.  Most often it is for wonderful reasons like an anniversary, love and romance or maybe it’s simply just holiday season.  Perhaps it’s time to celebrate a big win at work or a special birthday.  Or maybe you’re like me and you simply need time to periodically recharge a battery – and quick!  We all need to rejuvenate the spirit from time to time and kick-start the body and mind back into high gear.  And chillin’ out at home just doesn’t do it.

Since the idea is to de-stress and escape, don’t fuss about in traffic to do it.  With so many amazing hotels and spas in Bangalore, no one would EVER need to take one step outside of town for a Getaway.  So I “did the needful” and booked me and my daughter (who stayed just one night with me) in for a weekend at the newest Vivanta by Taj in town, in Yeshwantpur, and it was beyond my wildest dreams!  They offer a Weekend Getaway Spa Package that is right up anyone’s alley, with options to upgrade to a suite that is 1000% worth it!  I took advantage of their early check-in on Friday and didn’t leave the hotel on Sunday until just after 6pm.  And when I did, I was so relaxed I felt like a new person.

The Property

The property itself has been designed in a way so that one never feels enclosed at the hotel.  Their double height ceilings and massive windows, along with the fact that there are no other buildings blocking the horizon in the immediate vicinity outside the back of the hotel all support that feeling of openness and … a freedom to breathe in fresh air.

The Experience

Some of what I experienced was part of the Weekend package, other bits were a la carte items I threw in, but here is a quick list of what I enjoyed over the 2.5 days I was there:

  • The Temptation Suite – this room is stunning, with only the Presidential Suite above it!  Please check out the video tour and photo gallery.  TIP: definitely upgrade to the Temptation Suite, it is the first category of room with a bathtub and that is an essential part of the complete Getaway Weekend according to us at Angela’s Bangalore.  They provide bubble bath and bath salts to make sure that you can have a relaxed experience every time you fill-er-up!

  • The pool – I was there every day!  I pretty much ran there just after check-in on Friday for a couple of hours.  It wasn’t until my bikini was on that I realised I forgot my sunscreen but they are prepared.  Upon arrival at the pool the staff brought out a cold bottle of water, sprintzing water to hydrate my face, goggles and … sunscreen!  They also bring out a cool towel for the face every 45 minutes or so and periodically pieces of cut fruit on a bed of ice.  This is their standard service and it is lovely!  The view from the pool is wonderfully relaxing. The pool isn’t enclosed by buildings.  TIP: try their spinach salad for a relaxing and healthy poolside lunch, it was fabulous!
  • Jiva Spa – they have the most amazing spa, don’t miss our video tour I enjoyed the wet area each day of my stay but on Saturday I booked a pedicure and one of their three signature treatments, the Jivaniya.  It lasts 120 minutes and when I walked out I was completely distressed and invigorated.  The staff is wonderful and all very seasoned professionals trained to the highest quality level I had heard of for a spa.  TIP: don’t miss the Experiential Shower which combines water, aromas and light to simulate either being in a Storm or in the Rain Forrest.  I’ve never seen (or smelled or felt) anything like it!
  • Dining Out – the choices are Azure (Mediterranean), Paette (multi-cuisine) and Paranda (Indian) and I tried them all.  Dinner Friday @ Paranda out on the terrace, lunch Saturday @ Palette, dinner Saturday @ Azure and finally Champagne Brunch @ Palette.  Each is amazing and I can’t pick a definitive favourite as each delivers something special.  TIP: if you are non-veg don’t miss the beef carpaccio in Azure – it is simply exquisite (their seafood broth is delectable as well).  And do NOT miss the Sunday brunch.
  • angela-carson-angelas-bangalore-india-review-hotel-vivanta-taj-yeshwantpur-shimmer-cocktail-bar-reviewChilling at Shimmer, the bar – what a sexy bar, don’t miss the photo gallery!  Honestly, I’m trying to sort out if I can throw my birthday party there this year.  The décor is stunning with glass beads, velvet chaise lounges, swank mood lighting and more.  Their martini menu is original and offered up some new mixes I had never tasted before and I loved them!  TIP: go with someone special (or in my case, my laptop Eduardo) and snuggle up on a velvet chaise lounge and let them pamper you there.  The tempura veggies are a nice change to normal bar snacks, give them a try if you want to nibble.
  • Room service – when I ordered a single glass of wine they brought a silver platter with an assortment of imported olives and a mini cheese platter to accompany it.  They set the table for us in our dining room as if we were at home when my daughter and I ordered in breakfast in Saturday morning…there wasn’t a single platter or piece of plastic or cover or anything to indicate we were anywhere but home.  The have lovely room service!  TIP: if you want to really unwind, slip into one of the soft cotton robes and order breakfast in bed on Saturday.  They will bring up whatever your heart desires from the massive breakfast buffet in Palette.

My Highest Recommendation

Sometimes certain hotels leave a lasting impression on us for one reason or another.  Well, I can tell you that Vivanta by Taj Yeshwantpur left a lasting impression on me for the service and level of care and pampering I experienced.  My favourite service moment was when I had my two laptops out after settling in to my room (yes, I took two).  They had accidentally written down the wrong password for me and after my second attempt at logging in my room phone rang.  It was tech support who had been instantly alerted to my problem and they quickly provided me with a new login for both laptops and even called back the next day to ask if the bandwidth was fast enough in my room.  WOW, that was a welcome call…I’ve never experienced that level of service anywhere else.  They also gifted me a lovely luggage tag with my name printed on it upon check-in which, as a marketing and branding professional, I thought was a very clever way of keeping their brand on the top of my mind whenever I travel now.

Lots of hotels in Bangalore offer Weekend Spa packages but few offer the most decadent service on the planet.  I don’t have one single negative thing to say about any aspect of my stay, the room, the spa, the food or anything else.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to say that before.

(reviewer Angela Carson)

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