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Escape Hotel and Spa on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar – Best Hotels of Bangalore Series

Located on 100 Feet Road in Indiranagar just above Body Shop, Guess and Sunny’s and just below Brick Lane Grill located on the roof top, this charming boutique hotel has anything and everything required for a perfect stay to rejuvenate body and spirit, with a wonderful spa, various dining options and wonderfully charming rooms that were so cozy I almost never left all weekend except to eat and hit the spa. In fact, when I checked in mid-day on Friday I had no idea that I’d end up extending my weekend getaway stay but that is exactly what happened. From the very endearing and loving 3-legged dog who resides in front of the building to their signature spa treatment, the lavender infused body lotion and succulent prawns – the tiny details and touches are what captivated me at Escape Hotel and Spa.

The Rooms

They have a fantastic choice of suites and rooms with two distinct interior design styles so there is something perfect for any guest. Upon arrival, I asked to view the available rooms in the category I had booked because I couldn’t remember which design I liked from the photos on their website. During our tour of the rooms I fell absolutely in love with the New England room and they happily set me up in a lovely corner room with a balcony. The room décor made me feel like I was instantly at home. Its cozy and warm tones, comfortable furniture choices and welcoming lighting were just the escape I needed from the while walls and minimal style of our flat.

The Manhattan style is the second room choice which is fabulously modern and very minimalist, with a lovely contrast of black on white furnishings mixed with one splash of bold colour (the colour varies from room to room, which I thought was a really nice touch). They showcase city-scape art on the walls and the rooms are bright and airy but I loved the warmer tones of the New England. My suggestion is to ask to view both options when you arrive, unless of course you have already fallen in love with one from the pics online at the time of your booking.

Each room is adorned with lovely touches like fresh lilies and hanging lamps. My room was decorated to perfection and the furniture completely functional and inviting unlike so many other hotel rooms where the bed is the only comfortable sitting area. The pillows and the duvet are both made of fluffy down and the thread count on the sheets and duvet cover is nice and high! There are so many different mattress sizes as well, but this room had the best one ever. I slept so well on the mattress that they had though, I don’t know what size it was though. My two complains in the room are that the mini bar wasn’t stocked with anything but water and the room temperature was set to 20 degrees so I was freezing for the first hour or so until the room warmed up a bit after I shut off the a/c upon arrival.

On a dorky, ‘couch potato’ note, I thought it was fantastic to have a Sky TV box there in my room, with oodles of options for English television and movies. I veg’d out and watched so many movies in between spa treatments, dining out and my naps! It beats the typical advert-filled few channels for movies at most hotels. With all of the enjoyment that I had watching countless television and movies on the Sky TV box, it has definitely persuaded me to look for a similar TV box when I get home as it has just enhanced my viewing pleasure and made me want to watch all of the options that I came across. It was a great way to spend any free time that I had in between treatments.

The Spa

For information on my spa experience, check out my video from that weekend. I spent half a day there and Escape has the absolute BEST “signature” session EVER – it included everything instead of just 2 or 3 treatments. In this order, their signature treatment includes a manicure, a pedicure, a 1-hour massage, an envigorating body scrub, a relaxing facial, a soothing steam in their hammam, a wonderful head massage and last but not least a body moisturising treatment. That package is well worth the money. They have a treatment room for couples too, so this treatment could be taken simultaneously for a relaxing and romantic half day at the spa with the love of your life. Anyway, I highly recommend it because IT WAS AMAZING! In the end, I was there about 4 hours and I walked out a new woman! My friend said I was glowing when she saw me an hour later for dinner.

The Food

Eating is an indulgent pleasure at Escape. Between the in-room dining from the hotel or downstairs from Sunny’s to the extraordinary Parsi cuisine at Brick Lane Grill – every meal during my stay was a pleasure.

I’m not typically a fan of buffet style dining aside from the cherished Sunday Brunches here in Bangalore but I was pleasantly surprised by the buffet lunch at Brick Lane Grill. As I stepped off the elevator, a pretty hostess greeted me, took me to my table and a waiter instantly came up and took my drink order – a glass of tasty cabernet sauvignon. The music is lovely and again I was pleasantly surprised. It was a really relaxing mix of jazzy chillout tunes from around the world – some Buddha bar style and some Cuban rhythms that particular day and it was all very nice. In fact, it was perfect for the surrounding, a lovely change from the normal “too loud and too clubby” music played during lunch or dinner at most restaurants in town. Their variety is ample but no so huge that I didn’t know what I wanted. Spinach was the soup du jour and it was light and flavourful. They have mixed greens, full leaves, and a variety of veggies to top it, along with 3 different dressings for a make-your-salad – I picked a nice and tangy mustard vinaigrette. The carrot salad is yummy too. I also tried the rice curd which has a few new touches to it like pomegranate seeds that really add to the classic recipe. Cost is Rs. 375 + taxes – it is the best deal in town for the quality of the cuisine on offer. Even comes with a pint of beer on Friday to kick start the weekend.

Dinners at Brick Lane Grill are truly spectacular, and the restaurant is home to the most romantic table in Banglaore.

As far as room service, I am a huge fan! Saturday I ordered lunch in so I could chill in my bathrobe and just relax in the room all day. I ordered mutton soup and it was amazing, accompanied with small savoury bread strips that were toasted with herbs and parmesan (I think) and so tasty and absolutely perfect for dunking into my soup. The presentation of the dishes is lovely and the quality of the food is outstanding. My breakfast each day was ordered in and they have yummy eggs benedict and an exotic fruit salad that I ordered both days.

Sunday Brunch

Sunday was spent between a long and enjoyable boozy Sunday Brunch, a steam at the spa and then the rest of the day in a bathrobe chilling in my room. I will write about the Brunch soon because it deserves its own review.

In the end I was so chilled out and relaxed on Sunday post brunch that I didn’t feel like going home so I stayed til lunchtime on Monday and they were great to “of course, no problem” accommodate me.

Do yourself a favour and check in for a weekend at Escape to recharge your battery next time you have a free weekend. I can’t wait to go back when it is pool weather. I plan to spend my morning at the spa and then Saturday and Sunday afternoon sipping cocktails and dining on a chaise lounge in my bikini as I escape the hustle and bustle of Bangalore for a second dose of indulgent pleasure at Escape Hotel and Spa.

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