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Best Blonde Highlights: Scent Salon and Spa in Bangalore

My first visit to Scent in August 2012 … looking almost back to 100% normal here!

Moving to a country like India is wonderful and exotic and fascinating … and a challenge for a white woman who is accustomed to having highlights and going to the tanning salon to avoid being pasty white! I discovered that there are zero tanning salons and no tanning products for sale in India the first week I arrived. Honestly I could live with that and it was better for my skin anyway, right? A friend of mine did suggest buying a tanning product similar to Teesora, but although it looked great, I decided to try the no tan look for a while, maybe I would develop a normal and healthy tan if I was lucky. But the hard and harsh lesson that stylists weren’t experts in blonde hair came at a sad and higher price.

From my ‘lemon’ phase that I never wanted to go through 🙁 It really was so embarrassing to have hair that looked so cheap and unnatural, I really was so stupid to wait so long to change salons!

I went to what I thought was the hottest, best salon in town that is conveniently located in my favourite non-hotel oasis – UB City. My first appointment there was only for a haircut and I was happy with the service so I went back for highlights. And that started about 14 months of me rarely liking the way my hair looked because it was orange, or lemon coloured or some other shade that was NEVER my own. I kept trying to get them to darken it, reverse the damage, etc but they never could. Stupidly I kept going back because I went on the absurd assumption that “the devil that you know is better than the one you don’t” and that I would face the same problems elsewhere but I was SO WRONG.

In August 2012, Scent contacted me proactively to say that they were blonde experts and would I like to come in and try them out. They sent a very cool flyer that only talked about blonde highlights and they were very sweet when we spoke on the phone so I decided to give them a try. And that was that!


The team at Scent Salon & Spa really are Blonde Experts. The very first visit they sorted out my hair and reversed the damage caused at the old salon. Then little by little they’ve highlighted my hair back to my natural colour with blonde highlights. All of my expat friends go to Scent, and a ton of my Indian friends too – both male and female. And I’ve seen RCB players there as well, which is always kind of cool.

Oh, and although I am sooooooo not cool enough to try out fashion highlights or colours, my daughter is and she had fun putting a blue streak into her hair and it looks really great. They have about every colour a girl or guy could want so if you are looking for a bit of fun then do give that a go. Scent also has clip-on extensions that last just a day or two which are really nice.

=Touch up highlights (like grey cover-up) are also included as one of the options for the Gals Spa Morning – one of twelve services offered for the rootin’ tootin’ price of just Rs. 3,300 for three services. I tend to go every Friday for Gals Spa Mornings and it is the perfect way to end the week and kick-start the weekend, especially since it is the best deal in town!

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XOXO Angela

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  1. Sophia

    Hi Angela, I’m from India, but living in the US. I visit my relatives in Bangalore often. I came across your blog in January while I was searching for a salon in Bangalore and decided to visit Scent Salon on Lavelle Road during my visit in February. I love them, they did an amazing job on my cut and highlights. My husband and I also enjoyed mani/pedi’s and massages. I wish they had a location in Washington, D.C.!

    Thanks for writing such a fabulous blog! Looking forward to trying your other recommendations the next time I’m in Bangalore. I’m so missing it now.

    P.S. thanks to your recommendation, we also tried the Sunday brunch at Ista and totally loved it! The setting was lovely and relaxing and the food was delicious! Thanks again.

    • AngelaCarson

      Hi Sophia, I’m so glad you discovered Scent and that you both had a lovely experience! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment (both on my work and theirs, I’m sure the team at Scent will really enjoy reading this too.).  Now, please go eat a Cinnabon for me! 🙂 -angela

  2. Vini

    Hey Angela,
    I am heading to Scent Salon tomorrow for some highlights based on your reviews. Ching is not around, but they’ve put me on to Kevin. Fingers crossed…I’ve had some scary experiences with salons in Mumbai. So while I am in Bangalore…I want to go by your experience and give Scent a try.

    There are a lot of hi-end salons that google flashed in its search, and I did read reviews by some anonymous people…but such mixed bag of reviews for all these salons…bouquets and brickbats. But surprisingly not a single bad review for Scent. And all the good ones are by you.

    Will post you after my visit.

    • AngelaCarson

      Ohhhh say hi from me!  I’ve been in the US for 2 months now and can’t wait to go back to Scent in November upon my return!  I’m booking in for highlights and a cut with Kevin (he’s very good and very sweet, he does my hair too), and a massage, facial, body scrub, manicure and pedicure hehehhe  phewwww!  Think I’ll be there all day!  I do hope you like it, thanks for takign the time to reach out!  Angela

      • Vini

        On that note, Angela… please drop me a line when you come back to Bangalore (I’ll be back by November 10) …would love to catch up, maybe share a Scent-Getaway 🙂

        • Vini

          Super super experience at Scent.

          And Kevin was a darling as you mentioned, Angela. He did wonders with the highlights. I was like OMG!!!

          And Scent is packed with such warm people. You’d seldom find a warm staff with down-to-earth attitude at high-end salons nowadays. I’ve been to the best of the worlds…but Scent is the one-and-only salon with talented and friendly people.

          Thanks a bunch for introducing them to me. Loved the whole experience.

          P.S. Big hi to you from everyone at Scent. They are eagerly waiting for you to return 🙂

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