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SCENT SALON & SPA: Rs. 3,300 Gals Spa Mornings Are A Sensational Steal

I am such a fan of having a man take care of my tootsies now during my weekly pedicure! Be sure to ask for the extra 30 minute Thai Reflexology Massage…. he has heavenly hands and you will walk out on a cloud!

Scent Salon & Spa on Lavelle Road has only been open a few months but it seems that every time I visit they have something new to tempt and delight their clients.  I first went to Scent because they are ‘blonde specialists’ and really know how to highlight blonde hair like mine without turning it orange or some other random unnatural colour.  Then I fell in love with their pedicures, which they uniquely offer with an optional 30 minute Thai reflexology foot massage that rejuvenates me and sends me out the door a new person…also making Scent home to my weekly pedicure now.

Well, last week was my 42nd birthday and when I called to schedule a hair and makeup appointment so they could glam me up before my birthday party they told me about their new Gals Spa Mornings and asked if I wanted to come in on the morning of my birthday to start off my day in style and I said Hell Yeah!  What they described over the phone was a package deal that ‘a la carte’ would cost between Rs.5,000–9,000 and included my favourite treatments for the amazing low price of Rs. 3,300 (inclusive of tax).

Scent has hand-picked a basket full of 12 spa and beauty treatments for the Gals Spa Mornings and all you have to do is pick the 3 that you want!  Since I was coming back later that night for hair and makeup before my party, I opted for some relaxing pampering as a birthday treat to myself and enjoyed three hours of bliss with their signature massage, a facial, and the manicure + pedicure. 

The facial was both relaxing and deep cleansing, which was much needed because I’m terrible about going for regular facials (something they said I need to start doing…I’m guessing ‘cuz I’m getting so old??).  For the massage, I asked for a deep tissue massage and the woman who performed it was previously a sports therapist so she did an amazing job.  Although at one point she jumped up on the table with me and I wasn’t really sure what she was going to do but she was just trying to dig in and work out a couple of knots I had and it worked.  And of course I’m already a fan of the manis and pedis so there was no surprise there…the estheticians at Scent are all fantastic!

Scent offers 7 Spa Treatments for the Gals Spa Mornings:

  • Signature massage
  • Thai feet reflexology
  • Back, head and shoulder massage
  • Facial – either harmonizing or herbal enzyme
  • Body scrub
  • Manicure + pedicure
  • Hair removal – either waxing or threading, full body except Brazilian

Plus 5 Salon Treatments:

  • Hair cut
  • Hair spa – a 45 minute treatment that includes wash, head massage, special treatment, steam, light hair set
  • Colour touch-up
  • Hair set
  • Light makeup

Honestly, at the all-inclusive price of Rs. 3,300 it is the best deal in town.  I’ve tried out other packages at Bangalore spas but I’ve never seen anything similar to Gals Spa Mornings for less than Rs. 4,500.  We all know that mornings are always less busy at any spa or salon than the evenings but how many of them do you know that actually translate that reality into a reason to “gift” us clients something like 40-70% off the services we love most?  None that I’ve heard of so far!  I love Scent!

I think it would be great to arrive at 10am with a friend and try the body scrub, the hair spa and then enjoy my weekly mani/pedi.  This way we’d exit by 1:30pm, just in time to sit down for a lovely mid-day lunch afterwards.  The Scent team says that they can accommodate small groups of two or a maximum of three so it really is a perfect “girls day out” plan.  If you try it, please come back and share your experience, I’d love to know how it was for you!

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(reviewer Angela Carson)


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  1. Bibi

    Hey Angela, what brand of hair color do they use for blondes at Scent?
    I’ve never found any decent hair color products for blondes in Delhi. I have to import Redken from the US for myself.
    Wow! Full body hair removal, that sounds errr painful. I bet they don’t get much call for a ‘Brazilian’ in India, not a whole lot of ‘beach’ action gong on here. Well, maybe in Goa. 😉

    • AngelaCarson

      Hey Bibi, I will ask Ching, my stylist, when I see her this week.  I’m going in for highlights tomorrow or Friday 🙂  And … yeah, that full body hair removall sounds really painful to me too.  I’ve tried to have my legs waxed twice but my hair is so fine and blonde it just breaks off and doesn’t pull the roots out … a painful lesson I stopped trying to learn after the 2nd attempt.  Wish I could do it 🙂  Hope all is good and wonderful in your world.  Will email you after my appiontment xoxoo

    • scent

      Hi Bibi , at scent we use a few popular brands of hair color, Redken is still not available in India yet.
      All we want to say is it is not so much the brand of the color that matters, as much as the understanding of the hair color and mixing the blonde shades intelligently, we are able to do that since we have a lot of blondes getting the colors done @ scent.We are in business since 5 years now and have had the opportunity to do color for people from diverse nationalities and ethnic backgrounds, and that helps.
      As far as the Brazilian is concerned we are very good at it( its not included in the gals spa mornings that’s all ) and a lot of Indians do it as well , though there is not much beach action .. lol..
      well we will see you at scent if you are in bangalore…

  2. Bhavana

    Hi Angela,

    I am Bhavana and i work for an MNC here in blore. Initially i started to follow your BLOG for that fun weekend sunday bruch but later when i sarted to follow your website. Its needless to say this site so damm wondeful for us fun young Bangaloreans. I could plan my BF’s birthday romantically with the helpful info in ur site. I would be trying Scent soon for a hair cut to give me that “New Me Look”. Thanks so much for all that u do here just to help us plan something wondeful over the weekend or for a special occassion with my special some1 🙂


    • AngelaCarson

      Hello Bhavana,

      That is actually the sweetest comment I’ve received in soooo long and very kind and generous of you to take the time to write.  So glad you and your BF have enjoyed some romance sparked by an little treasure I’ve found here in Bangalore.  Where did you go???  And do try Scent, they are amazing.  My hair hasn’t look like “me” since my arrival and I finally NOW after my second visit there have my natural colour back and we are just adding in highlights again.  Can’t believe I never knew about them until just recently (they read my blog and actually sent me a flyer about their “blonde experts” there and that’s how I discovered them.  As a marketer I loved their approach with me 🙂  Hugs to you, and a big XOXO

  3. Dharmendra

    Hi Could you recommend any senior stylist for men in Scent???

    • AngelaCarson

      Vijay is actually the senior stylist (he’s the director there) and I’ve know a couple of my guy friends go to him.  Or if you want to try a girl, Ching is who I trust with my hair 🙂  Let me know how you get on there please 🙂 -angela

  4. Donna Figueredo

    Angela, I’m quite excited to read all of the amazing treatment choices for the Gals Spa Morning. We’ll make an appointment as soon as I get over my jet lag! See you soon … Mommy Dearest

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