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Scent Salon & Spa: Upscale Bangalore Luxury, Even For Blonde Hair

As you can see in the photo I look rather like myself again – yee haw!! On the left is Scent’s senior director Vijay who collaborated with my stylist on the right colour for my highlights, and on the right is my goddess of a stylist Ching. (thanks guys!!)

If you have seen me in pics you should know that I am not the trendiest or most fashionably dressed lady on the planet. My clothes are never very adventurous and about the wildest side of me with respect to fashion are my accessories. And my hair pretty much always looks the same because I am completely chicken to try anything too avant-garde or new with it. I detest changing salons because – again – it scares the living shizle out of me! But it was time. Since my arrival in Bangalore in April 2011 I had been going to Mirrors and Within in UB City which I adore because it is probably the prettiest salon I’ve ever been in … but I recently heard about a salon that claimed to be the “blonde specialists” of Bangalore and it piqued my curiosity.

Watch the VIDEO TOUR!

I love it, Scent is the first salon in town I know about to have a special focus just for us blondes!

The new hot spot on Lavelle Road is Scent Salon & Spa. Apparently the blonde thing all started some time back in their first salon up north on New Airport Road when one American gentleman entered their salon for a haircut. He then told his wife, who happened to be blonde, that it was a lovely salon and he liked his cut so she went in and gave them a try. And then she told two friends and so on and so on… and now four and a half years later they boast that they have coloured or highlighted more than 300 blondes in Bangalore. The salon director shared with me that many of the blondes who have become clients came to them immediately after their hair had been tinted orange by one of the more swish salons in town. Their ability to not only highlight blonde hair but also correct the mistakes of other salons is a point of pride with them.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an expat salon. The salon caters mostly to Indian men and women. In fact, just as I was leaving after my appointment, one of the stars of RCB was on his way in for his appointment (very handsome gent actually, wish I could mention who it was!). Their clientele is diverse and so is their offering.

As for me, I have to say that I was impressed as hell with what they styled and worked with my thin, fine blonde hair. Sadly, I have indeed had my hair tinted slightly orange twice by a salon here in Bangalore so I was skeptical at best at the thought of trying out Scent. But they really took the time to listen to what I wanted, both for the cut and my highlights, and I have to say that my hair has never looked more “me” in all the time I’ve lived in Bangalore. I am so pleased. It has been way too blonde and looked completely unnatural to me for some time but I could never quite get my stylist to darken it back to my more normal shade for some reason. Anyway, they highlighted it, cut it and then selected just the right types of styling products to use for my hair type to give it volume and keep it looking fresh for hours, without weighing down my fine thin hair with too products that are better suited for thick, lustrous Indian hair. Salon hair products are always the best and my hair looks great for days after compared to using store-bought products!

The architect has done a simply lovely job and the end result is modern comfort. I snuggled up in that centre “Barcelona” chair with a cup of tea and chilled for a while and I was happy as a clam πŸ™‚

I went to Scent at their newest salon on Lavelle Road which opened in July 2012 and is their second location. It is situated in the heart of Bangalore and it has been designed by the Italian-educated architect Wills Warruny who runs the firm W&W India and it is simply stunning. He has used natural elements like sand to give the walls not only a unique texture that I haven’t seen elsewhere but it also gives the walls a lovely shimmer, which is a natural effect of sand when light hits it. From the funky but actually really comfy steel reception benches to the beautiful use of illumination and the relaxing alcoves that have been built to give guests a feeling of tranquility – it is truly special. The salon itself has a tremendously modern feel to it while still giving off a feeling of relaxed warmth. It combines 90 degree angles with rounded walls and door ways for a really unique look. The chairs are overstuffed for comfort, there are foot rests all about and the music is a clubby mix of tunes that includes progressive and house music. It’s definitely not a spot for our sweet little grammas or more conservative aunties.

Another thing I personally love is that it is structured like an international salon typically is. There aren’t any young boys around only to fetch this or that or sweep up. The staff is comprised of a salon manager for the administrative side of client services and then inside it is run by a senior director, two senior stylists, three aestheticians (for body treatments) and two junior stylists – all very attractive (not sure how the cosmos brought them all together but they are!), all in their 20s to early/mid 30s, all with tremendous experience, and most hail from India but one is from Latin America and one from the Middle East.

Because of the products they use (for hair: Paul Mitchell, Rusk, Loreal, Shwarzkopf, Siah, Essencity, Inoa), the quality of the service and the expertise of the staff, this is a salon for those who want the best. My appointment, for example, comprised of full highlights (individual hairs painted and wrapped in foil, not bathed in colour), a haircut and Schwarzkopf’s β€˜Mess Up Texture Gum’ product to replicate my new look myself at home, and it cost me Rs. 4,600. Depending on whether you choose either a stylist/senior-stylist/director for your services, the price for a haircut runs Rs. 400/600/1000 for men, Rs. 700/900/1200 for ladies and Rs. 250 for boys or Rs. 500 for girls. Highlights cost around Rs. 2500 – 3000, which is standard for Bangalore.

Scent’s tagline is “the haircut is just an excuse” and I can see why because I didn’t want to leave! They told me that they have a half-day β€˜relax’ package so I hope to be able to try out their spa soon, as well. They have a beautiful room with four comfy pedicure stations, two regal high-backed chairs for manicures, and three massage, body scrub or reflexology treatment rooms.

I was more than pleasantly surprised by Scent Salon and Spa, they have definitely won me over. It felt damn good to leave there all “product’d up” and looking more β€˜different’ but more β€˜me’ than I have in ages. Plus I like the idea of running into handsome cricketers again!

You can check them out here:

(reviewer Angela Carson)


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  1. Arun

    Great I am happy to know that… you finaly got what you want.. cheers πŸ™‚

  2. Arghya

    Hi Angela !!^_^!!

    I have absolutely no idea how i came across your blog , was just googling about some random stuff and i don’t know how i ended up here. But i can honestly say i’m so glad i did come across this awesome blog of yours!! sat down reading almost all your posts this evening at one go!! haha!! Your style is indeed quite engaging, and i honestly feel you could consider some serious writing project!!

    Its almost enlightening to see life here through a different perspective. You actually made me realize and appreciate the beauty of my country which i’d never really pondered upon!! So thanks a tonne for that!! πŸ™‚

    I found some of your posts absolutely hilarious though!!It was fun reading about your experiences here with the spice and fish and the “prasad” LOL!!

    I’m rather a bit too surprised you could actually survive it all without much bitter feelings!! or maybe i should be thankful to you for not bearing any bitter feelings towards our alien ways!! It takes a lot of understanding and a very broad perspective of the world to appreciate the strange than to criticize it!

    By the way could you cope with the crowd and the noise here by now? I really hate that aspect of Indian cities,gives me a nervous breakdown,its a lot better at the outskirts but again has its own disadvantages!

    Bangalore is a fine place, the climate is pretty much moderate throughout the year unlike other parts of India where the harsh summers and winters take its toll over oneself!

    And do tour the country if possible while you stay to just break away from the monotony of work, it has much diversity in geography as well as culture and people that will amaze you. India can literally be defined as a “” file LOL!!

    I really hope you find your stay here most exciting and adventurous,and please ,please keep posting on your blog ,its a feast to the eyes and mind to read your experiences!!^_^!!

    loads of wishes for a wonderful time ahead!! πŸ™‚

    P.S. Please pardon me for putting through an ” irrelevant to the post” reply here but i couldn’t find figure where else to put it !!^_^!!

    • angela_carson

      Hello, I only have a second so can’t reply to all questions but will return when I can… but wanted to say THANKS so much for that lovely, kind, overly-sweet comment. That was a truly heart-warming message to wake up to! All my best, anngela

  3. Adventures We Seek

    Getting my hair cut here in Korea often brings me to tears. I went to two salons and 3 visits the last time. Dealing with foreign hair is not so common here. I am not a blonde, but still have plenty of issues here…and they always pull my few grey hairs out by hand πŸ™‚
    Congratulations on finding a great place at an even more awesome price!

  4. PencilGirl

    Glad you finally found the right salon for you.. πŸ™‚
    Messing up my hair can ruin my mood for weeks! So I tend to play it safe as well.. But when you find someone who can make your hair look the way you want it to, it’s like this little happiness pill that keeps you bouncing for ages! πŸ˜€

    @Arghya- I get that exact feeling whenever I read this blog.. πŸ˜€ And you have a very nice name.. πŸ™‚

  5. Tracy Covington

    Hi Angela,
    I’ve been following your blog for almost a year now! I have fallen in love with India and your writings have advanced my appreciation and understanding of the people/culture. I’m traveling to Delhi with hubby this October and had hoped to visit Bangalore… Alas, we will be circling the North and stopping in on Nepal. I hope that we-two-blondes will make more regular visits to India in the coming years… My goal is to get to Bangalore to eet up with you for drinks! Your stories are so ALIVE and I find myself so envious of your wonderful adventure. Thank-you…
    I learned of your blog through a mutual friend of ours… Charlene Varela. When she speaks of you… she is wearing a big smile!!!!

    • angela_carson

      Ahhhhh please give Charlie a big kiss from me, miss my old BFF from my school days! And YES, please message me when your travel plans are set πŸ™‚ thanks for reaching out and for the kind comment. Hugs, A

  6. teresa

    So glad that after a year you have found the perfect salon for you.
    It is so difficult to find the right salon, and if you are looking for highlights of different colour blondes then normally takes time, tears and patience, in Europe so in India it must have seemed it was never going to happen.
    Anyway girlie you keep up the amazing writing.


  7. Dharmendra

    Angela….could you let me know if Vijay is still there in Scent?

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