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Ultimate List of Vodka Drinks for Your Next House Party

I know not all my guy friends will agree (and they are wrong of course hehe) but when it comes to house parties, vodka is THE BEST, and my #1 favourite liquor. From amazingly crafted varieties that are easy to drink on their own to truly girly infused vodkas, there is something in the vodka family for everyone.  Vodka is a clean tasting spirit that mixes well with exotic ingredients and it’s perfect for making killer, delicious cocktails at home.  Here is my ultimate list of the best drinks to easily make with vodka to turn your next house party into a massive success.


Famously known as the ‘Cosmo’ and made popular by the show Sex And the City, this vodka goddess can be modified each shaker full to match any taste buds. If you prefer it sweeter, then pour in more cranberry.  If you like a strong drink like me, then add more vodka to your Cosmo. Trust me, it’ll taste dee-lish either way. The greatest thing about it is that it can be easily prepared at home with just lime, Cointreau, cranberry juice, and vodka.


The screwdriver is the simplest cocktail out there and tastes terrific from sunrise (you know, when you need a drink first thing in the morning!), at brunch, or at your next dinner party. It’s made with just two ingredients … vodka and freshly-squeezed orange juice. I’ve heard that some people add grapefruit but I do not recommend that at all. There are vodka brands in India to fit all budgets and tastes so you’ll be able to make the finest screwdriver in town!

Vodka Soda

This is my go-to drink and one that many health enthusiasts (or people on a diet like me!) turn to for a light and refreshing drink. Vodka Sodas also help in cleansing your palate, thereby making it the perfect meal companion. The two ingredients required to prepare this one are quality soda water and vodka.  Although I do recommend adding in a squeeze of fresh lime when you have it on hand.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is vodka’s spicy sister that is known for its hangover-fighting properties. You can literally heat up your house party with this drink. All you need to do is add a tang of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, and a few (or several!) drops of Tabasco to your vodka to whip up this mouth-watering cocktail.

Vodka Martini

You’ll always find loads of vodka-based martinis on any cocktail menu. However, there is just one way to prepare the incredible Vodka Martini. The main components of this drink include dry vermouth, bitters, and vodka. For best results, you can stir and strain all the ingredients into a chilled martini glass and top it off with 3 anchovy-stuffed olives.

Campari Cocktail

Campari is a popular bitter aperitif with a taste that I think is an acquired one. The bitter element takes centre stage in this cocktail. It’s easy to make, with only three main ingredients: bitters, Campari, and vodka.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Black Russian

This old school cocktail is made from vodka and sweetened coffee liqueur. Simply mix together five parts vodka with two parts coffee liqueur and you’ve got yourself a wonderful combo. Typically, this one is made by pouring the vodka over crushed ice in an old-fashioned glass and then slowly pouring the coffee liqueur to give it a two-toned look in the glass for dramatic effect.

Lemon Drop Martini

Vodka is the #1 choice spirit for for preparing sweet martinis.  And a Lemon Drop Martini is one of sweetest martinis out there.  It embodies a delicate balance of semi-sweet and semi-tart flavours that are sure to refresh your taste buds. The key ingredients of this lip smacking cocktail are fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and vodka.

My Final #ProTips

To be a rockstar at vodka cocktails for your next house party, always use the freshest ingredients you can find. Avoid using bottled mixtures and canned juices as these come loaded with sugar, which aren’t good for anybody’s body! Apart from that, you can choose any of the top shelf, reputed vodka brands in India to whip up these and more delightful beverages. A fairly new entrant in the liquor world, Hermes Distillery’s Red Bliss Vodka is specially made for the success-oriented new generation and has the perfect taste which is perfect for shaking up perfect cocktails at home, time after time.


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