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Oakwood in UB City has the Best Gym in Bangalore – Review

angelas-bangalore-blog-oakwood-premier-prestige-best-gym-workout-2I’ve really started packing on some weight recently. I could blame it on all the restaurant reviews and over eating “because I have to” but that’s not the whole of it. On top of the eating is the copious amounts of wine with dinner and partying on the weekends … and the fact that I really just haven’t done a single second of exercise in 18 months. Add to that the fact that the past year has been probably the hardest of my life financially so I did a lot of comfort eating and drinking … well, any way you look at the problem, it just isn’t good.

Back in Spain I cared more about my body than I do here and my rear end is really starting to pay the price for my neglect! Here in India both men and women seem okay with us ladies having a few extra pounds on us. So for the past year, I’ve been slipping and slipping and, well, I’m done not feeling great about myself getting way too soft and out of shape.

So, I’ve decided to tweak my diet and hit the gym. My Fitbit is at the ready thanks to a new band from Mobile Mob, and I’ve already started looking up superfoods and supplements that can included in my diet to make me feel more energized and give my body the nutrients it’s craving. Now that I’m choosing to join the gym, I’ve also been looking at including agmatine sulfate into my diet. It’s meant to assist in muscle building which is exactly what I want to do. Let’s turn this blubber into muscle! I’ll keep you updated on what supplements I decide to use and what I find is working for me.

angelas-bangalore-blog-gym-fitness-center-oakwood-ub-city-09So welcome to my little Getting Fit Diary! I figure that trying to get in shape again at the age of 42 in the gym at a 5-star luxury property in Bangalore should offer up a bit of material for my blog from time to time!

Today was Day 2 at my fabulous new gym. I checked out six gyms before deciding on mine. I would have liked to have joined one with a half of full Olympic sized pool but all my male friends told me that unless I wore something akin to a scuba suit that I should never go swimming. Turns out that men ogle and stare at women in swimming costumes here in Bangalore, even in a sporty environment like at the gym. Even my buddies who were telling me about the “other guys who stare” were describing certain women and their swimwear so obviously they check ‘em out too!

angelas-bangalore-blog-gym-fitness-center-oakwood-ub-city-07Gyms at the high end 5-star properties in Bangalore aren’t cheap and can cost up to about Rs. 120,000 per year ($2,200) but include access to their spa and pool. But since I don’t plan to use the pool to swim laps I opted for a spectacular gym that has a sauna and steam room and a kick-ass half-panoramic view of the city. But instead of overpaying for something that I have no intention of using, they only charge Rs. 40,000 ($740) per year for opting out of the pool access (for use of the pool as well the cost is Rs. 100,000). So score!

The Fitness Center at Oakwood Premier Prestige in UB City is amazing and my guess is that I will stay motivated there more than anywhere else. The fact that it is in UB City is a big plus in itself because lots of my meetings are held at Café Noir or any of the other fab restaurants.

angelas-bangalore-blog-gym-fitness-center-oakwood-ub-city-03As far as size, it’s not the biggest gym in Bangalore but it does have everything I need – free weights, a couple of rows of cardio equipment, machines, yoga classes. I love that the treadmills have built in media centers (because I am completely lame and don’t own any sort of MP3 player at the moment) so I can simply plug my headset into the treadmill and watch and hear movies, which TOTALLY distract me for 30 or 45 minutes while I’m on the machine. They even have a basket of headsets for guests who might need them. From what I hear, I think they are the only gym in town with personal trainers on staff from open ‘til close – one of whom is competing in the upcoming Mr. Karnataka body building competition. I wonder if they’ll be considering the option to buy peptides usa – peptides for sale are fairly common in those circles after all.The members are a fun mix of expats and Indians, so at any time there are a few diverse languages being spoken all around the gym. It’s pretty cool. And I know I shouldn’t say it (and it probably shouldn’t matter) but there are really attractive men and women at my gym and that will definitely keep me motivated and pump up my workout!

And the best part of all? It’s the view of Bangalore from the 12th floor of a UB City tower. It truly is breath-taking and in my opinion it offers up the most amazing VIEWS of any gym in the city. The GM of Oakwood raves about the sunrises from the gym so next week I’m going to head over before 6:30am to experience it. Who knows, maybe it will be worth the insanely early alarm going off?

XOXO Angela

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  1. Santosh Reddy

    This is equally infact more interesting or should i call it inspiring write up than the restaurant reviews …… you have detailed review of all of the happening gyms in one post 🙂

    Happy gyming :….

    • AngelaCarson

      Hey Santosh, you’ve commented on the blog and not just Facebook.  Is this the first time?  AWESOME!!  and thanks.  I didn’t write about how I almost fell after my first day in front of a really cute man as I was walking out of the gym or the horror of having someone see my weight on the scale as I stepped up or almost falling off the treadmill but I’m guessing I will do something fullly idiotic soon and blog about that 🙂  With respect to other gyms, I wasn’t quite as well received everywhere so not sure I’d like to promote one or two that I considered but it is a good idea.  But for now just going to love-up Oakwood  🙂

      • Santosh Reddy

        Hehe ya my first comment on your blog ….. Empty gym first reminded me of my office but now that you told you got cute guys n girls I hope see the same at ma work place too 🙂

  2. sreekanth

    A not so succesful date at samarkhand , valentines day and now gym with attractive men . Quite a start to 2013 i guess:) kidding. Good luck with your gymming !! And if you manage to be a regular please do share the motivational tips.Ofcourse , Apart from the attractive guys -That wont help us much:D.

    And if that pic is taken recently , i dont think you have much to do anyways:)

    feliz fin de semana

    • AngelaCarson

      Feliz fin de semana? Pues … igualmente!!  Now just to clarify, Samarkhand was a very romantic date but we didn’t continue to see each other and decided to stay friends instead … Valentine’s Day was spent with my cats (there was no alcohol in the flat so not even a glass of wine) … and yeah there are really attractive guys at the gym which is great but there are also really cute girls, so there is something for everyone 🙂  The pic was taken 2 days ago, so thanks 🙂

  3. Nithin

    Thats an incredible gym, heaven compared to mine. The one i go to doesn’t have any trainers or ladies so we have to motivate ourselves 🙁
    Keep gyming and have a great year ahead.

    • AngelaCarson

      Thanks, Nithin … let’s see how it goes. Hoping that by blogging about it from time to time that it will keep me going because now I will be a ‘quitter’ in front of a lot of people if I stop and not just myself 🙂 -Cheers!

  4. Nisha

    Please don’t stop swimming because of the staring men! You mentioned several times that you liked being on the beach and so on. Don’t let the oglers put you off swimming.

    • AngelaCarson

      Hey Nisha, there’s no way I’d go swimming here – the guys are right. I do it at the 5 star hotels in the pool but at the gym according to them I would be like a goldfish in a bowl. Love the encouragement though! -angela

  5. botham

    Interesting, for some one with money issues you do can spend a lot. Five star prices, restaurants etc. I don’t know if all that was worth it, if you came back to your motherland (us) you would have a well paying job and stable life by now.

    Don’t mind talking about good bods in the gym…considering I don’t know when you last did it 🙂 are you sure it is even alive!

    • AngelaCarson

      I am not sure what the last senetence is about but seems seedy haha   I have changed jobs and am very happy in India and have zero desire to move back to the US ever … I know how much money I could earn there but I want to explore this world and I’m not ready to stop my journey to return to where I’ve already been 🙂 — angela

  6. Manoj

    hi Angela really impressed i’m huge fan of u please continue your gd work & anything for you to help always welcome:-)

  7. Anna

    Oh Angela, just stumbled over your blog today. You really make want to go to Bangalore now. Long so much for a civilized city after 4 months in Goa. The gym looks fabulous compared to my local gym here, which has absolutely no pool and the treadmills have really seen better days. And about staring I can say I have a bunch of eyes following every move when I go for a run on the beach. /anna

  8. Yeshwant

    Hey Angela…. Im Yeshwant and i am the personal trainer who work for oakwood and representing my employer in the upcoming state bodybuilding championship. I would like to thank you for giving an elaborated view of our esteemed fitness centre to the blog viewers.
    I am an international certified trainer and holds the very latest first aid certification too.
    Please do make use of us and get results with healthy life style as the bi product.
    We only charge 12k to 15k( around 180 to 250 euros)for 12 sessions or for a month.
    Stay fit n live fit……

    • AngelaCarson

      You are very welcome.  I visited so many gyms before choosing Oakwood and I couldn’t be happier!  Did you read my follow-up Blog with the detailed kilos I’ve lost and the review of the gym.  My experience there as a woman is far superior to the experience of my female friends at other gyms!

      Will try out to “live fit” 🙂  See you this week -angela

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