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[Video] A Rejuvenating Light and Float Therapy Weekend

The long weekend was here and I was desperately looking to give the repetitive spa treatments, yoga classes and the gym routine a pass. Hunt for a holistic rejuvenation therapy led me to the 1000 Petals website and one look at the dramatic reviews and I knew this was a must try!

I was both excited and curious to try out the rather uniquely described therapy but what I experienced there was beyond anything I thought my mind was capable of. Established in a tastefully done bungalow right in the middle of the city, one could experience an array of ambient sounds that instantly strip you off a layer of stress that you have walked in with. Amitabh and Vartika, the founder couple, were warm in welcoming me and started the session by briefing on the details of the therapies. I was most intrigued by the Lucia Light and Flotation tank therapies and chose to begin my journey at 1000 Petals with them.

Lucia Light Therapy

Formulated using the concept of hypnagogia, Lucia Light therapy explores the fluid state of mind between dream and reality. My encounter with the light play was nothing short of a miraculous experience that shook my senses and left me feeling completely overwhelmed. It was amazing how a simple play of white light left me sub-consciously transported to an imaginary physical dimension with details as clear as a photograph. Although I broke out in a fearful sweat by the end of the session, the therapy left me astonished by the capacity of my mind. The activation of the third eye is said to take several years to accomplish but with this technology even a beginner has a chance of accomplishing this feat.


Flotation Tank

A pod of essential salts and minerals to float in, bereft of any sound or light pretty much describes the flotation tank. That dream-like tranquil state of mind you achieve in there, undoubtedly cleanses your body and soul leaving you deeply rejuvenated.

By the end of the two therapies, I came out feeling like a completely new person, aware of every ounce of energy in my mind and body, a feeling never experienced before. I can’t wait to go back and experience their other therapies to feel over-whelmed yet again!

Connect with 1000 Petals, Bangalore

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