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Working Out at the Best Gym in Bangalore @ Oakwood in UB City

It has been almost three weeks since I started working out at the gym in Oakwood Premier Prestige in UB City and I can’t believe that I hadn’t joined a gym until now. Honestly, it is having a massively huge effect on various areas of my life. Although now that I say it, I wonder if the cosmos had me wait for a reason to ensure success? Since January, everything in my life seems to be on the most blessed path that I could have ever dreamed up. Career wise, I’m the happiest I’ve been in years. In January, I was reminded about what it feels like to love again after eight years. Financially things are sorting themselves out after 18 months of instability. And now I am feeling really great every day, thanks in small part to the fact that my arms are looking slimmer, my tummy is flatter and my ass is getting smaller! I’ve already made friends there that I often train with. Some of them are more athletic and competitive than me so it’s fun to hear about the diets and routines they’re doing. One of them was telling me about a diet they’re trying called the vertical diet to help them build muscle mass. This diet obviously isn’t for me but if you’re more of an athlete than me, you can check it out here.

If you work out religiously, either practicing yoga or if you go to the gym, then this will be a pretty boring blog post for you I’d imagine. But I haven’t done anything religiously in such a long time that I’m amazed at the way I’m loving it:

  • First, the routine of going to the gym is amazingly good for me. I had been working only a few days a week all of 2012 and not on a set schedule so I was getting pretty lazy and la la la’ish about having any routine in my life. So going to the gym four to five times per week since joining has really been super. Personally, I really like going late morning and early afternoon when the gym is quiet – which is the opposite to most people who prefer the AMAZING energy at Oakwood in the early morning or after work. In fact, watching the sunrise while pumping away on a cross trainer is pretty amazing with a view of the city most people have never seen.
  • Second, I’ve lost 1.7 kilos / 3.7 pounds since I joined! I still have almost 7 kilos to go to get rid of all the debauchery and neglect here on my body but it is a good feeling to see results after only three weeks. Friends have commented on my gut, so guess that’s looking better. And my favourite little black dress almost fits again and I haven’t been able to put that on for a while.
  • Third, the gym at Oakwood has amazing energy and it actually does something positive to me everytime I go. UB City is a fabulous oasis in Bangalore and I always love going there anyway but the rooftop gym is something really special. The views of the city are unbeatable and that feeling of space liberates my mind and gives me a feeling of awe every time. But it’s not just that. The gym itself is so well equipped (again, not the largest gym in town but the quality of the equipment and the staff are superb). And the locker room is hands-down the nicest locker room of any gym I’ve ever seen in my life. If they had electronic lockers then it would be perfect, but it is so clean and so posh… It is heaven!
  • Fourth, the exclusivity of Oakwood and their rigid screening process mean that women feel 100% comfortable there all day long. Not once have I caught a man staring at me or watching me workout, which is not something my friends say about the gyms where they go – especially the two trendy and larger gyms in town. There, the men stare and it is not always a relaxing experience for my female friends. They don’t sell day passes for the safety of their VIP members (an impressive list, I have to admit), which I’m sure also helps. The members I’ve interacted with or seen are all lovely, friendly, classy men and women on a fitness mission.

When I first started back, I was only able to stay on the treadmill about 20ish or 25 minutes but now I tear it up for 45 minutes at a brisk pace so I’m burning calories like a good girl! I still drink the same as before but I’ve noticed that I don’t eat as many fatty foods as before and I definitely eat less without snacking, which is great. OH! And my favourite benefit of going to the gym … no more insomnia! I’m so damn tired every night on days when I’ve worked out that I immediately fall asleep. ROCK ON!

XOXO Angela

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  1. Giri Pawar

    Hey Angela,

    Good for you to be on this gym routine and congrats on loosing 3lbs, that is pretty awesome. That is one awesome gym and nothing like the Bangalore Club one that I used when I was there in December.

    Anyway, you probably have a trainer giving you tips/guidance on your workout, but wanted to give you my 2 cents because it helped me loose 15 lbs over a month and a half –

    1) Eating small portions every 2 hrs if you can helps to curb eating big portions and increases your metabolism. I usually bring a pbj to work and eat half of it 45 mins before my work out. Then lunch is a small sandwich. In 2 hours, I eat 2 apples and 2 hrs after a banana and if I am still feeling hungry finish the other half my pbj

    2) I always keep a box of mixed nuts at my desk so if in the event I feel like snacking, I pop in a few nuts or you even substitute nuts with baby carrots

    3) Drinking lots of water throughout the day also helps in loosing weight

    3) I absolutely cut out eating any carbs at dinner time and stuck to meat (chicken or fish) and vegetables. I leave my weekends to pig out as a reward

    4) Light colored alcohol (not beer) has sligthly lower calories than darker colored ones. So now I stick to white wine or vodka. I absolutely don’t drink soda anymore, even when I have to mix drinks. So when I drink vodka it is usually straight up with a lime or olives (I know it sounds gruesome)

    5) I also read that eating greek yogurt or 3 glasses of fat free milk also helps in reducing the gut. I just started on this and see some results

    6) Finally, not sure what speed you walk on the tread mill or the level you use on the cross trainer, but I got the most results when I put it on the interval work out. Basically, the more you shock your system say every 2 mins during your work out with a high intensity level/speed for a minute or so helps in improving your metabolism

    Anyways, those are my 2 cents and good luck reaching your goal.

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