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TaxiForSure Car & Driver Service for PERFECT Luxury Weekend Trips or For Safe Transportation in Bangalore and Around India

Our driver Balaji was so friendly and accommodating - pulling over every time we spotted a waterfall or random turkey on the loose, etc ... (even before we had to ask eventually! hehe). The plush leather seats of the Toyota Innova were REALLY comfortable for the long drive too. #TaxiForSure delivered TOP service that I give 5 stars and a big THUMBS UP for.

Our driver Balaji was so friendly and accommodating – pulling over every time we spotted a waterfall or random turkey on the loose, etc … (even before we had to ask eventually!).

Taking a road trip in absolute comfort or pulling up to a cocktail party in a taxi that smells nice, has aircon and is nice and clean is a must! When it comes to traveling with my teenage daughter in India, safety definitely factors in when it comes to deciding which car and driver service or which taxi company to use. I check references, ask friends for a referral, and consult my driver Shiva before booking anything.

TaxiForSure is an amazing all around service provider for in town or ‘out of station’ needs. I’ve used the standard ‘economy’ taxi service many times when Shiva is off duty. The luxury black sedan service is something I’ve used several times at night when I want a blissfully relaxed experience for important dinner engagements or when I have an upscale party to go to – these are the times when I mostly wish that I shipped my vehicle with someone such as CarsRelo car shippers so I’m able to drive myself. My daughter and I spent 5 days on and off in the back of a very comfortable Innova during a Bangalore to Coorg road trip, with the friendliest and most skilled driver we could have hoped for – he even spoke pretty decent English which was a plus. I’ve never had a bad experience and I’ve always been very impressed with the quality of the drivers, the vehicles and the reservation and confirmation systems.

 J'adore the mobile app! So convenient and so user-friendly! It's available for iOS and Android at the moment.

J’adore the mobile app! So convenient and so user-friendly! It’s available for iOS and Android at the moment.

As a foreigner, it’s not always easy for me to understand someone on the other side of a phone call and visa versa. It just isn’t. TaxiForSure has the best solution for that … or for anyone who simply wants to avoid a call centre and efficiently – and QUICKLY – order a taxi. Apart from calling in to their centre, TaxiForSure allows for online reservations that are fast and easy. AND they have a very sexy and very cool mobile app – which is my #1 favourite way of ordering my taxis now!! Not only is it fast but using the mobile app means that I don’t have to call anyone. It’s now an essential tool for me and my friends when we are out at loud parties and it’s tough to use a phone. I’ve never once had a taxi not show up after placing an order using the app, it’s great!

They have some really fun services and vehicles that I’m looking forward to trying sometime soon like hiring exotic and premium cars! They have hummers, Jags, limos, RR Phantoms and even mini buses, which I thought would be great for our next big ‘girls night out’ to ensure we are all safe and stress free all night.

The only complaint I do have is that the option to order the sleek black sedan is always listed on the app but any time I’ve tried to order a sedan at night (which the app allowed me to do) I’ve always been called back almost instantly by a rep to say that only economy cars were available. Every time!

Do try them out the next time you need to go to the airport, or jaunt around town or need to hire a luxury vehicle. They have GREAT rates and the highest quality possible. We highly recommend them!

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Check out their very inspiring Premium Cars!!

Reviewed by: Angela Carson

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