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My Top 7 Sights of Asia Holiday Ideas

If you follow my YouTube channel you know that I departed India and I’m currently in Southeast Asia, spending a huge amount of my time travelling and exploring. It’s hard to deny that Asia is a continent full to the brim with beautiful sights, and…

6 Best Places to Try Your Hand at Surfing in Bali 

Bali, beautiful Bali! Over the past 2 years I've spent about 3 months of it in Bali. Well, Bali and Lombok ... but most of it on Bali. It all started when I stayed in a luxury serviced apartment in Canggu, Bali and loved it…
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[Gallery] Angela’s DNA Column + Page 3 + Interviews

Bangalore is an absolutely fun place to be a blogger and travel writer.  Here you'll find a variety of interviews, clippings from my weekly column in DNA newspaper, and fun Page 3 moments while out playing with mates in Bangalore.  The first entry dates back to…

Angela’s Guide: Instant Attraction…What Men Find Hot

I love men. My three closest friends are men. They are smart, sexy and fun as hell...sweet and loving and always there for me day or night. One is from Germany, another Australia and the third from the U.K., and oddly they all live in…

Bangalore’s Alcohol And Drug Culture

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have been really pleasantly surprised about the nightlife here in Bangalore. Aside from the lack of high-end dance clubs, I mean. So far Coco Bongo is the only place in town where I've been able…

My New Job: Cricket Public Relations Here I Come!

So if you actually know me or follow my blog then you know that I packed up my life and moved to Bangalore just over 2 months ago from Barcelona for a new job as a chief officer at a services company. I was so…