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Bangalore News Flash! White Women Are Stealing Indian Men!

I love those lyrics from Can You Feel It by The Jacksons when Michael sings “All the colors of the world should be, Lovin' each other wholeheartedly.”  Sure, you and I have our differences, but that’s what makes life interesting and fun and truly wonderful. …

My Expat Story: One Year In Bangalore – Relationships

In April, 2012 I completed one year in India. Welcome to #2 in a series of articles recounting how life has really been for me in Bangalore. Article #1 was all about the work stuff. Article #2 sums up dating, relationships and being a single,…

Feeling Sorry For Myself

I don’t often write just about me.  In fact, this might be the third time now in the 6 months since I started this blog amongst the 90+ articles that I’ve written.  But I have a writer’s block of sorts.  Not that I can’t write…

Angela’s Guide: Instant Attraction…What Men Find Hot

I love men. My three closest friends are men. They are smart, sexy and fun as hell...sweet and loving and always there for me day or night. One is from Germany, another Australia and the third from the U.K., and oddly they all live in…