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Stunning Fairmont Jaipur is 5-Star Luxury for Foodies, Heritage Property Lovers & Romantics

If you love heritage properties and have a taste for sheer luxury, Fairmont Jaipur is the place to go. This swanky new 5-star hotel has the most unique architecture inspired by the Mughal dynasty and Royal Rajputs. The Grandeur of the entrance itself will take your breath away, awakening your 5 senses and leaving a smile on your face. Fairmont Jaipur, just as you would expect from the brand, is an amazing mix of Contemporary facilities with a Traditional touch.

Nested perfectly in the scenic Aravali Hill, this fabulous property is very close to one of Jaipur’s iconic must-visit landmarks, the Amber Fort.

Why you’ll love the Fairmont Jaipur

  • The Rooms! 199 rooms and suites and each one is meticulously designed and exudes classic elegance. They are posh and spacious with world class amenities and stone tub baths.
  • The Pool! This outdoor pool is the ideal perfect spot for you to soak up the sun and sip on the amazing cocktails all day long.
  • The Food! Be ready to let your taste buds indulge in flavors from authentic Rajasthani to the finest International Cuisines with a variety of dining options and locations for your enjoyment. You will never need to repeat anything you eat as you happily indulge in the various (decadent) dining options on the property.
  • The Service! Fairmont Jaipur takes service to a whole new level making you feel like a celebrity and yet so personally taken care of. It’s like they are everywhere and you won’t see them until you need them and then they will bring you exactly what you need and more.

The Grand Entrance

This Jaipur trip was a romantic getaway for my husband and I and from the moment we stepped out of the car we were welcomed by the sound of Dhols, the traditional Shehnai, and a shower of rose petals. If this doesn’t make you feel like royalty… I can’t imagine what would. It was like time travel in moments. Once my husband and I entered the lofty old wooden door, another musician was waiting to usher us in to the sounds of amazing folk tunes.  To top it off, the hostess welcomed us with sandalwood Teeka on our foreheads.

Once you enter the main building of the hotel, there is a Santoor player waiting and playing a tune only for you. When we reached near the Reception, we were seated comfortably and given our Welcome Drink… These guys had all my 5 senses excited within my first 5 minutes here!  If you

TIP!  Be sure to reserve the Fairmont Gold Experience to enjoy a heightened level of exclusivity and service, with a private reception entrance and access to the Gold Room Floor with its own private lounge and terrace.

The Room

We stayed in the Gold Room and Oh My God was it perfect! Large, spacious, well-lit, arched windows, four poster bed, rick fabrics and color palettes, the view of the Aravali Hills and playfully placed Fairmont mascot the Parrot in the corner. All of the modern amenities blended like a symphony with the rich heritage of Rajasthan along with the cutest Towel art (haha), a handwritten welcome note and a chocolate elephant.

Huge walk in bathroom with two separate wash basin areas and the distinct pink city stone bath tubs and Oh My, the size of the bath tub is an entirely different topic. Good enough to play a heavenly soak tub to a family of 4 would be my best guess. My husband and I almost fought over who would hog it first.. haha!

The Food

Ok so its Fairmont, what can you expect?! The best of course! And I promise you would not be disappointed even once! In our short 1 night stay we must have tried almost everything we could humanly consume and then some, and each dish presented came to us with Masterchef quality presentation, organic flavours, authentic tastes and the absolute freshest ingredients. They can even make a simple cold coffee appear and taste poetic.

Just to really check we even ordered some South Indian cuisine and the chefs outdid themselves with remarkable creativity added to the most traditional dishes.

The Fairmont staff are so thoughtful that it blew my mind. My husband and I had been so caught up with documenting our experience that we were barely ever sitting together and enjoying a meal. So the service staff organised a romantic set up overlooking the pool with rose petals and the works just for us for dinner. It was a quiet night, the hotel was lit in dim lights as our backdrop, the stars were shining with extra sparkle, a mild breeze, candle light and traditional Rajasthani food to die for followed by the most exotic looking dessert. I’m sure you have got the picture!

For breakfast I had kindly requested a creatively prepared poached egg and man was I served something special! Check out the picture below and you will know exactly what I experienced. They even remembered how much I loved asparagus from the day before!

You can choose from 5 different restaurants or 3 bar areas to enjoy all through the day and try the most creative cocktails, too. I tried one with figs and it was absolutely divine!

The Spa

Fairmont was the last hotel in our stint of 10 days across Jaipur and we were definitely fatigued. My husband did most of the driving so obviously he was way more in need of some pampering. Since we hadn’t booked ahead we couldn’t go together for the Spa treatment (they are in the middle of construction on their spa, which should be open in late 2016), we decided he’d go first and I’d take my treatment later.

The Spa is huge, plush and I took the De-stress therapy treatment and I must have dozed off twice as my masseuse patiently worked out each knot from my neck to my back to my calves…. snooooooooze!  My husband could barely finish his cocktail before he begged me to let him go sleep … which is the best sign of a great massage I reckon.. haha!


What blew me away!

The team at the 5-star Fairmont Jaipur are the best and each staff member goes the extra mile to make every guest’s stay a special experience. To give me a memory of a lifetime … the chefs decided to do something incredible.  They knew I was a travel writer.. and so they made me a CHOCOLATE TYPEWRITER! Yup! Never had a more thoughtful gesture been done by hotel staff ever!

I highly recommend the Fairmont Jaipur for all sorts of travellers… the luxury seekers, the photographers, the foodies, the busy bodies and the wedding splurgers. My only heads-up… make it for at least 2 nights or more because the only complaint I have is that my husband and I only had one night at this gorgeous luxury hotel!

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For reservations or more information visit the their website.

XOXO Smriti Shankar

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