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6 Best Places to Try Your Hand at Surfing in Bali 

Bali, beautiful Bali! Over the past 2 years I’ve spent about 3 months of it in Bali. Well, Bali and Lombok … but most of it on Bali. It all started when I stayed in a luxury serviced apartment in Canggu, Bali and loved it so much that I knew I had to come back to explore the place more! And I absolutely adore that part of Indonesia. If you’re heading to Bali anytime soon, you should consider surfing. My friend recently bought some clothes from whilst she was out surfing out in Australia and she looked great. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro, the beautiful country has some fantastic spots for you to hone your skills. With the amazing scenery, fantastic weather and tasty food to try, what more could you want for a surfing holiday? If you are interested in surfing then you might also be interested in checking out something like this surf clothing from Ann’s Cottage to add a bit more clothing to your wardrobe. Here are six fabulous spots for you to consider:

1. Balian

Bali’s appeal hasn’t gone unnoticed in recent years. As a result, some places can get busy in peak season. But Balian is Bali’s best kept secret – just an hour’s drive from Kuta on the South West coast, Balian’s unspoilt coastlines are a calm retreat. Balian’s surf will suit all skill levels, but we recommend getting down there earlier in the day before it gets too blustery. If you’d like an afternoon swim, you could try the nearby Kutuh Beach. Although it’s quite difficult to get to, you’ll probably have it to yourself.

2. Legian

With a variety of surf schools along its coast, Legian is a learner’s dream. Known locally as Double Six, it makes up part of a long stretch of the popular Seminyak Beach. Surfing is quite tiring for beginners so it’s lucky there are plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas to relax underneath. You can even try some fishing if you’re exhausted from all that surfing practice.

3. Kuta

Up next, here’s another great place to learn to surf – Kuta. As one of Bali’s south west beaches, it provides safe sandy breaks to practise on, as well as offering a great night out after a day’s surfing. If you have too much to drink, you ought to take more care in the water the next day though – there can be up to 60 surfers competing for wave space.

You can always spend time in one of the many beach bars and wait till it clears out a bit. Then pamper yourself at Sheraton Bali … check out my review and video here 🙂

4. Keramas

For the more advanced surfers, pass Sanur towards Keramas Beach. Recommended by the experts as a wave for professional surfers, it promises constant waves and a big swell. Just be prepared to get up early before the onshore wind affects the barrel. There are also some shallow spots and sharp reefs to watch out for, but it makes the beach less crowded compared to others so you’ll have plenty of room to navigate around any problem areas.

5. Green Bowl

If you really want the water to yourself though, you should head to the rustic and unspoiled Green Bowl. In the centre of the southern coast of the Bukit Peninsula, it’s surfable for those experienced enough in the wet months, when you could have it to yourself on a weekday. You can even enjoy it as a beginner, just check out these reviews of beginners skimboards to see what equipment you’d need to practice with.
Just make sure you take your own supplies, as there’s no business on the beach like most of the others mentioned here.

6. Serangan

Located off the east coast of PulauSerangan, Serangan is a “gem of the wet season.” Don’t be put off by the potentially rainy weather and enjoy cooler temperatures, as well as smaller crowds. What’s more, Serangan can be surfed by all levels – you’ve just got to be careful of the sharp rocks and coral on the floor. With waves reaching 4-6ft and a mix of lefts and rights, it’s a great place to enjoy surfing in Bali.

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